Whether you are beginner cyclist or veteran racer, completing any challenge requires your focus and perseverance. To help you stay motivated, the following achievement category badges are specifically designed for you.

Collect as many Achievement badges as you can through the various virtual races and you may be surprised with more rewards. Plus the eternal bragging rights you deserve.

Start aiming for these Achievement to better prepare yourself to go against the big time players in future #TOGOX Challenges


The Randonneur

Individual Team

No Frak! Given

Recognizing Finishers who complete 300km instead of the 100km within the stipulated amount of time.

The Chiongster

Individual Team

No Frak! Given

The Finisher who complete 100km in the shortest time.

Saddle Sore

Individual Team

No Frak! Given

The Finishers who have recorded the longest distance ridden in a single session within the challenge period (subjected to evaluation).

The Top 10


Recognising the 9 runner-up individual finishers that have recorded the most total distance cycled within the challenge period.

Recognizing the top 9 runner-up Individual Finishers who complete the challenge in the shortest time.

Senior Rider Classification


The most senior cyclists (based on birthday submitted to us) who completed the challenge.

Young Rider Classification


The fastest Finisher (<16 years of age as of 1/1/2019) to complete the challenge distance.

The Night Rider


Finisher who record the most distance cycled in the dark within the challenge period (8pm – 5am)

The A Team

1 Winner Team

The school/corporate/mixed teams who complete 100km in the shortest amount of time.

The Sunlight Chaser


Finisher who clock the most distance in daylight within the challenge period (7am – 6pm)

The Influencer

2 Winner

The post (from a finisher) receiving the most likes on FB and IG with #togowbd at the end of challenge period.

Achievement F.A.Q.

How many winners are there in an individual event?

There is 1 male and 1 female winner in an individual event.

How does my team qualify for a team challenge?

In order to qualify for a team challenge, a team must have a minimum of 5 team members.

How many winners are there in a team event?

There will only be 1 team winner for any team events. 
Within the team, only the TOP 5 Team members of that achievement will be counted as the winners, do split your teams if you want more people to have a chance to compete!

Can I change my team?

Participants are not allowed to join/change teams midway through the Event. Any form of Team requests should be sent to [email protected] latest by 18th May 2019 2359hrs (Singapore time). No additional changes will be made after 18th May 2019 2359hrs (Singapore time).

What are the prizes available for the winners?

Winners get a permanent achievement badge in their Togoparts account, and eternal bragging rights!

How are the challenge finishing times recorded?

The time taken to finish the challenge, is the total time taken up until the end of the session where the 100km is recorded.

Additional time ridden during the same session, unfortunately, would be included in the time taken to finish the challenge.

What is being done to circumvent fraudulent Strava sessions?

Our tech team painstakingly verifies each ride from each participant. To report a suspicious session, you can do so at the participant profile page or contact [email protected].