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New Year's resolutions; we've all made them, but how many of us have kept them? Well, the #TOGOFESTIVE100 is our Christmas challenge to you.

Einstein said, "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity." The #TOGOFESTIVE100 is your chance to make a change, set a goal, and crush it.

Whether you're a hardcore rider or a once a week runner, the #TOGOFESTIVE100 aims to bring all levels of athletes together with a fun challenge that's about challenging yourself!

Finisher Medal

Complete your #TOGOFESTIVE100 Experience by capping it off with our Exclusive #TOGOFESTIVE100 Finisher Medal!

Get yours by signing up and clocking in 100 km in the challenge! Let everyone know how fun and achieving your festive season was!


Donate more and earn a memorable token, hand-drawn by a beneficiary from Children's Wishing Well! Donate at least $250 to unlock one art piece!

The festive season is the season of giving and sharing your blessings. Make a difference now!

Bonus Gift: You will also be unlocking an exclusive "Wishing you well" Achievement if you donate at least $250 to the Charity.


To support the current and future needs of disadvantaged children, Togoparts partners with Children's Wishing Well to make a difference! For every paid participant, Togoparts will donate $1 to the Charity Organization in support of its programs and initiatives.

Children’s Wishing Well is a registered charity founded in 2002, and the only charity organisation in Singapore focused on the holistic education of children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our children come from low-income families, and their parents may be ill, incarcerated, or absent from their lives. We provide a broad range of services to them 100% free-of-charge. Our programmes support their current educational and daily living needs, as well as equip them with skills for their future, so as to empower them to escape the poverty trap.

To find out more, you can visit Wishing Well SG here


Do you have what it takes to be one of the elites? Bet! Sign up for the challenge now and prove to everyone that you can! Record at least 800 km in the challenge and unlock these exclusive bonuses.

It's time for a show-off!

Earn yourself a digital badge that will be shown on your leaderboard ranking to show off your elite stature.
An exclusive 10% discount code for our upcoming challenge #TOGORIDE23!
An exclusive digital Elite Finisher Certificate!
*This certificate will be sent via email to qualified participants after the challenge results have been fully verified.
Here's a quick hack for you! Simply unlock our “Round and Round We Go” (by completing 6 RTI sessions) achievement - and you will surely go over 800km and be a certified elite!

Festive Club Leaderboard

The festive season is all about having fun and enjoying the holiday season!

In the challenge, we are randomly drafting our members to be part of the 5 different festive clubs and encouraging them to ride and run and lead their clubs to the top!

Members of the winning club will be unlocking an exclusive achievement - the “Festive Champions”.

Challenge Details

Challenge Period

09 December 2022, Friday (0000 hrs) - 08 January 2023, Sunday (2359hrs)
30 days GMT+7

09th December 2022 Friday 0:00 to
08th January 2023 Sunday 23:59 GMT+7

Registration Period

31st October 2022, Monday (0000 hrs) - 07th January 2023, Saturday (2359hrs) GMT+7

Note: Purchase of #TOGOFESTIVE100 rewards ends on 18 December 2022 Sunday (2359hrs)


This is a virtual challenge. You can run & ride from anywhere in the world. All you need is a STRAVA account.


Finisher Distance 100 km

Elite Finisher Distance 800 km


Participation Fee

SGD 9.90
Includes Ebib

#TOGOFESTIVE100 Finisher Medal SGD 14.90

#TOGOFESTIVE100 Event Tee SGD 27.90

#TOGOFESTIVE100 Event Jersey SGD 47.90

#TOGOFESTIVE100 Event Cargo Shorts SGD 59.90

#TOGOFESTIVE100 Event Cargo Bib Shorts SGD 129.90

*Free delivery anywhere in the Philippines, South East, East Asia, USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand!




Another essence of the Christmas season is for us to show unity and camaraderie. One of our ways to establish that during the event is setting a goal for all the participants to reach a certain distance combined.

Upon reaching this goal - all members who have contributed to this will receive a unique and exclusive achievement - the “Festive Contributor”.


0 KM

Male Event Jersey

Spread the message of Fun and Festivity by cycling and running using this year's #TOGOFESTIVE100 Jersey, specially made to support your sports activities! This jersey is specifically designed with a wintery-like colours with accents of elegance and simplicity.

TOGOFESTIVE100 Jersey | Front
TOGOFESTIVE100 Jersey | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Female Event Jersey

Spread the message of Fun and Festivity by cycling and running using this year's #TOGOFESTIVE100 Jersey, specially made to support your sports activities! This jersey is specifically designed with a wintery-like colours with accents of elegance and simplicity.

TOGOFESTIVE100 Jersey | Front
TOGOFESTIVE100 Jersey | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Event T-Shirt

Designed after the #TOGOFESTIVE100 Jersey, our slick #TOGOFESTIVE100 Tee is built for athletes around the world. Whether you’re cycling, running or just flaunting the tee with a casual look - this fits just right in!

TOGOFESTIVE100 Tee | Front

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice


Our event cargo shorts is designed with simplicity & functionaility in mind featuring a graceful raven black as the base + the graceful colours from our #TOGOFESTIVE100 jersey. This year, we have as well added 2 easy-access mesh pockets to up your cycling or running game!

TOGOFESTIVE100 Shorts | Front
TOGOFESTIVE100 Shorts | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice


Carry more without bags! Our Cargo Bib Shorts is specially designed for those long rides built in with 4 Mesh Pockets for massive storage and a new 8-hr multi density long distance chamois pad.

TOGOFESTIVE100 Bib | Front

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Finisher medal

Complete your #TOGOFESTIVE100 Experience by capping it off with our Exclusive #TOGOFESTIVE100 Finisher Medal! Wear them with pride after you clock in 100 km in the challenge and let everyone know how fun your festive season was!

TOGOFESTIVE100 Medal | Front
TOGOFESTIVE100 Medal | Front

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Purchase any two items to get a FREE Event Eco Bike Multi-tool worth $16.90. Whilst stocks last!


Check out all these amazing and inspiring stories from our loyal participants. If they can do it, we're sure you can too!

Our whole team is rooting for you as you make your mark and be the author of your own cycling or running stories.

Elyn Lee

I was previously a nightlife regular drinker until I picked up a bike and started cycling. I wanted to find a sport that can allow me to stay fit and ideally to slim down too...

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HM Shahadat Hossain

I am an advocate of wellness and I truly believe that staying fit is a great way to be healthy and avoid serious illnesses and diseases. Cycling is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of having...

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Adam Lisa

I have been a baker (home-based) since 2009 until today. My love for cycling started because of my granddaughter. It was she who motivated me to begin cycling. We wanted...

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Shirlin Jau

After getting married and having 2 kids, I spent most of my time taking care & coaching my kids on their school work. I rarely had leisure or exercising time for myself. 2 years back, after...

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Invite your friends now and unlock this achievement + BONUSES!

Invite at least 3 friends to join the challenge to unlock the "Party Planner" Achievement


Elite Finisher

Awarded to participants who clock in at least 800km in the challenge.

Wishing you Well

Awarded to participants who donated at least $250 to Children's Wishing Well via Please send us a screenshot of your donation to unlock this achievement.  

The Elite Team

Awarded to teams where all members are elite finishers of the challenge (completed 800km). Your team must have at least 2 members to qualify for this achievement.

The Holiday Scout

Awarded to teams where all members cycle at least 50km each on Christmas Day (25 December 2022) and the New Year (1 January 2023). Your team must have at least 2 members to qualify for this achievement. 

Holiday RTI

Go Round the Island (Singapore) to clock a minimum of 157km in an Outdoor Cycling in a Single activity anytime from 24 December 0000hrs to 1 January 2023 2359hrs to unlock this achievement. You may use any route in any direction.

Round and Round We Go

Go Round the Island  (Singapore) six times. Your 6 RTI activities must have a minimum distance of 157km, must be an outdoor cycling activity, and recorded in a single session to qualify for this achievement. These activities can be recorded at any time within the challenge duration. 



Register and connect us to your fitness tracker before challenge starts.


Clock your rides and anytime, anywhere during challenge period using the STRAVA app.


Track your personal progress, current ranking and monitor your Activities on the TOGOFESTIVE100 Leaderboard.

4. Unlock achievements

Real-time cheerleading messages will be sent to encourage and notify you of any achievements earned!

5. Physical Rewards

Receive exclusive merchandise delivered by courier!



2020 Completed 2021 Completed 2022 setting reminder for participation 2023 setting reminder for participation 2024 setting reminder for participation 2025 setting reminder for participation 2026 setting reminder for participation 2027 setting reminder for participation 2028 setting reminder for participation 2029 setting reminder for participation 2030 setting reminder for participation more to come
-Shared by hong_hk3610
The #TOGOFESTIVE100 made my holidays more enjoyable. I was able to cycle more because of the challenge and overall it was a really great experience.
-Shared by JAMDR
I was thrilled to join the #TOGOFESTIVE100 for the very first time as this was my first Togoparts challenge and I really love christmas. The ride with my friends was really enjoyable and fun, but yet I was mentally and physically challenged. Will definitely join next year again!
-Shared by S0ulpassion18
I'm happy to join @togopartsidn, by participating in the #togofestive100 event, I love cycling even more. Jaya is always togoparts and other more interesting and challenging events.
-Shared by Kunp33
Kudos to Togo for organising this event. Wasnt able to finish but still manage to rush thru on the last day. Hope to see more festive even with more design for T shirt.
-Shared by Kakashi70
It has been so excited joining #TOGOFESTIVE100. Thank you Togo for having this event. Congratulations and looking forward to the next event..
-Shared by Suryawati
This event was a good motivation for me and my cousin to be consistent on biking during the holidays, it was a good bonding experience for us too since we had a common goal. Thank you, Togoparts :)
-Shared by baroness

Most Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside of Singapore, can I still sign up and join?

Yes! At Togoparts, our main mission is to connect cyclists, runners and like-minded people from around the globe.

When can I get my rewards? Do I need to pay more for shipping?

Your rewards shipout 4 weeks after the challenge ends. Please provide your full address (including House/Unit/Tower Numbers) to help the shipping process.

No extra shipping fees will be charged for rewards shipped to the Philippines, South East, East Asia, USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand.

If you reside outside these countries, additional shipping fees may apply.

What is the difference between Event and Finisher rewards?

Every participant who registers for #TOGOFESTIVE100 will receive the Event rewards regardless of the distance covered during the challenge.

To receive the Finisher rewards, you must complete the Finisher distance of 100 km.

Do I have to clock 100km in one activity submission to become a finisher?

No. You can clock as many activities as you wish to complete the 100km within the challenge period.

Can I measure my distance using other apps or devices?

All participants must log their activities using Strava. However, you can use other tracking apps, like Garmin, and upload your activities to Strava.

If you have logged your activities with another app and not Strava, the system may not recognize uploaded activities.

For more questions about this, please send us an email at

I initially registered with the #TOGOFESTIVE100 finisher medal only. Can I upgrade my pass to purchase the #TOGOFESTIVE Event T-Shirt, Jersey and shorts?

Yes, you can upgrade your registration and avail the other #TOGOFESTIVE100 Rewards.

Please note: The last day to purchase rewards is set on 18 December 2022 @ 23:59 hrs (GMT+8). Beyond that, you will no longer be able to purchase any other rewards.

Can I choose which Festive Club I belong to?

No, Festive Clubs are randomly assigned to each participant. The goal is to have fun, enjoy the holiday season, and meet new people!


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