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Go Further Together!

As the old adage goes, a single branch breaks easily, but the bundle is stronger together. Alone, we can only go so far. But together, our unity in strength shall allow us to go the distance.

Our annual National Day Celebration is a call for everyone to come together in spirit & strength to reinvigorate our Singapore spirits of TOGETHERNESS.

In collaboration with the People’s Association, #TOGOSG57 will begin in tandem with Racial Harmony Day on the 21st of July as a reminder that unity amidst diversity is what makes us STRONGER TOGETHER!

So join us this year in celebrating Singapore’s 57th Birthday as we rally together with our communities, friends and families to cycle & run as ONE nation to GO FURTHER TOGETHER!

Register now before registration ends on 10 August 2022!

Register Your Child To Ride!

Bring your kid along for the ride and embrace the essence of togetherness this #TOGOSG57! Spend a joyous day out in the sun filled with infectious giggles and encourage your child to develop a healthy relationship with exercise early on!

Strive up the leaderboard together as a unit and strengthen the family bond through this fun family activity. Track their progress on the leaderboard & motivate them to clock in at least 5.7 km to get their hands on an exclusive Junior Finisher medal.

Finisher Medal

This year’s Finisher Medal is uniquely Singaporean in design. The branches of the supertrees are featured at the forefront of the medal as a symbolic reminder that we are STRONGER TOGETHER as a bunch.

The back of the medal stars the Jewal of Changi that encapsulates the essence of the successes and affluence we have achieved together as ONE people.

Challenge Details

Challenge Period

Thursday, 21st July 2022 to
Monday, 22nd August 2022 GMT+8

21st July 2022 Thursday 0:00 to
22nd August 2022 Monday 23:59 GMT+8

Registration Period

Wednesday, 22nd June 2022 to
Wednesday, 10th August 2022 GMT+8


This is a virtual challenge. You can run from anywhere in the world. All you need is a STRAVA account.


  • Individual
  • Team and individual


Finisher Distance 57 km

Elite Finisher Distance 570 km


Participation Fee

USD 5.70

Pre-National Race Pack USD 37.00

Finisher Medal USD 15.70

Event Tee USD 25.70

Event Singlet USD 25.70

Event Jersey USD 45.70

Event Bib Shorts & Shorts USD 129.70

*Free delivery anywhere in the Philippines, South East, East Asia, USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand!

Celebrate National Day In Style

Get our first ever National Day Celebration Pack consisting of:

1. #TOGOSG57 Event T-Shirt,

2. #TOGOSG57 Event Aero Socks and

3. an Elite Water Bottle (limited to the first 570 packs sold)

Celebration race pack orders made after 5th July 2022 2359hrs will be distributed on the Finishers Event Day on 10th Sept 2022. Details to come to you soon over email!

Singapore Inter-District Outdoor Duathlon Leaderboard

Will Punggol uphold their title of inter-district champions this year?

Sign up with your District (from 1 to 28) to join the Inter-District Duathlon Leaderboard and unlock the “District-Man” achievement.

All cyclists & runners within the winning district will unlock the “District Champions” achievement at the end of the Challenge. The winning districts is ranked by the total average distance clocked by all participants in the District by the end of the #TOGOSG57 Challenge.

So embrace TOGETHERNESS as ONE district and take on this challenge to the top of the Leaderboard. After all, a little friendly competition never hurt anybody.

It’s Game On!

Event Jersey

Our Event Jersey presents a stream of virtuous White streaking across a vigrous sea of Red so full of life & energy to create a resemblance of “57” to serve as a true embodiment of our 57th National Day event.

TOGOSG57 Jersey | Front
TOGOSG57 Jersey | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Event T-Shirt

Inspired by the affluence of Singapore, our Event T-Shirt integrates our Nation’s greatest landmarks in an elegantly simple fashion that is fit for your everyday wear.

TOGOSG57 Jersey | Front
TOGOSG57 Jersey | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Event Singlet

Our Event Singlet mimics the sleek design our our T-Shirt to induce a sporty and uplifting fashion that is perfect for an everday run or cycle in our tropical weather.

TOGOSG57 Jersey | Front
TOGOSG57 Jersey | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Event Shorts

Our Event Shorts is designed with simplicity & functionality in mind, featuring a graceful raven Black that complements the vibrant colours of our Event Jersey to create the Perfect National Day Theme cycling kit.

TOGOSG57 Jersey | Front
TOGOSG57 Jersey | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Event Cargo Bib Shorts

Carry more without bags! The Cargo Bib Shorts is specially designed for those long round island rides with 4 Mesh pockets for massive storage and a new 8-hr multi density long distance chamois pad.

TOGOSG57 Jersey | Front
TOGOSG57 Jersey | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Finisher Medal

The Finisher Medal is uniquely Singaporean in design, starring the supertrees & Jewel of Changi as a memento of the milestones we’ve reached together, signifying the Heart of Champions within our Nation!

TOGOSG57 Singlet | Front
TOGOSG57 Singlet | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Event Socks

Our Event Aero Socks feature the complex aerodynamic grooves to boost your performance by reducing air drag as you propel forward with the wind. This collectable design features the Singapore Cityscape for this year’s celebration!

TOGOSG57 Jersey | Front
TOGOSG57 Jersey | Back

*Designs are subjected to change without prior notice

National Goal:


570,000km as a country

As part of the National Day Celebrations, our goal is to get participants to complete 570,000km as a group as a demonstration of GO FURTHER TOGETHER.

Imagine having to cycle or run 570,000 KM alone. How long would that take?
Now imagine doing it with thounsands by your side. It will only take a matter of days.
In short, together as ONE nation, we can literally go the distance!
Participants unlock the “Nation Builder” Achievement when they contribute to 570,000km by running or cycling.


0 KM

Unlock These Achievements

National Day RTI

Go Round the Island (Singapore) to clock a minimum of 157km in an Outdoor Cycling in a Single activity anytime from 8th Aug 0000hrs to 9th Aug 2359hrs to unlock this achievement. You may use any route in any direction.


Unlock to stand a chance to win 1 of 5 SP Connect Bundles worth $88!

Seen Celebrating

Put on the #TOGOSG57 Celebration Tee or Socks, take a photo, and share it on Facebook or Instagram! Hashtag #TOGOSG57, Tag @togopartssg and specify your Togoparts Username in your post before the 22nd of August 2022 to unlock this achievement!

Stand to win the Polygon Heist X5 MTB when you unlock this!

The District Champions

Help your district top the Duathlon Inter-District leaderboard! This achievement is awarded to all members of the winning district. You must clock at least 5.7km recorded distance to unlock this achievement. This achievement will be unlocked after the challenge ends.

Involved Parent

Sign up with your child and unlock this achievement.

Get Featured In This Year’s Video!

Be the STAR of our SG57 celebration video montage this year to wish Singapore a joyous 57th Happy Birthday!

1. Show your friends & loved ones just how much you love & appreciate our beloved Singapore.

2. Record a selfie video of yourself or with your team in cycling or running gear, either preparing your bike, lacing your shoes, starting a ride or a run and say the line:

”Happy 57th Birthday Singapore! Stronger Together, Majullah!”

Stand a chance to win a #TOGOSG57 Race Pack when your video is selected and featured on our celebration video.

How This challenge works

1. Registration

Register and connect us to your fitness tracker before challenge starts.

2. Start

Clock your rides and anytime, anywhere during challenge period using the STRAVA app.

3. Leaderboard

Track your personal progress, current ranking and monitor your Activities on the #TOGOSG57 Leaderboard.

4. Unlock achievements

Real-time cheerleading messages will be sent to encourage and notify you of any rewards earned!

5. Physical rewards

Receive Exclusively Designed Jerseys, Singlets and Medals delivered by courier!

Celebrate togetherness in-person

This year, we are taking our National Day event to the next level.

In addition to our customary virtual cycling & running challenges, #TOGOSG57 is going live with our Finisher In-Person Event on Sunday, 11th of September!

Our In-Person Event will be a chock-full of fun, filled with carnival-like activities where all participants can socialise over beer, drinks & snacks whilst waiting to collect their Event Finisher merchandises.

We invite all our fellow participants to take a breather, unwind, and let loose after completing our virtual challenges and come together to join us in wrapping up our 57th National Day Celebration!

What Participants Say About Our Events

Excellent experience and motivation to get fit and into shape. At first thinking of completing 56km in a day was daunting not to mention completing 156km but that feeling when you got it done is priceless
-Shared by ArchonSG
Started cycling due to this event and it has been a weekly affair ever since with the family. Kiddo loved it especially when she only managed to cycle on 2 wheels 3 days back. Thanks #TOGOSG56!
-Shared by raysonsim
It was such a meaningful way to celebrate our nation’s 56th birthday by completing 56km distance on my bike. Thank you #TOGOSG56 for the opportunity. I really enjoyed the challenge and the sense of achievement too.
-Shared by iszai
This is my first TOGO event. seeing all the inspiring posting by riders from all over, regardless of race, language and religion really motivated me to be more positive amidst this pendemic. Majulah!
-Shared by Jaz023
The whole journey was enjoyable and fun with family and friends. Early morning ride in cold air to see sunrise is just awesome. Visited few places with beautiful scenery. Yay it’s fun and stress free!
-Shared by Catherinewls
it was awesome event esp when we manage to gather our friends for a great safe ride together . we make new friends and explore places on bikes that i have not been in the 15yrs i am here . TQ more rides to come :)
-Shared by Shybutwitty67

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join this event?

Yes of course! You can join the challenge wherever you are around the world. But, be sure to link your STRAVA to your Togoparts account.

How do i collect my rewards if I miss out on the Finisher In-Person Event?

If you’re unable to attend our Finisher Event in person to collect your event merchandises, we wll deliver them to you in the following days to the shipping address you’ve provided us with when you register. If you’re joining us from overseas, no extra shipping fees will be charged for your rewards if you’re residing in South East Asia, USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand. You will be contacted if addtional shipping fees apply to where you reside.

Will I get the Finisher Medal if I don’t complete the 57 km Finisher Distance?

No, you are entitled to the Finisher Medal only if you complete the 57km Finisher Distance as an adult or 5.7km as a Child under 12.

Can I change the size of the Jersey, Singlet, and Shorts?

Yes you may change before registration closes on the 10th Aug 2022. Pre-National day Race Pack size changes must be done before 5th of July. Click on the “Update Info” button to update the sizes.

Is the Live in-person event only for finishers of the challenge?

All participants Finishers or non-finishers, friends and families of the challenge are welcome and invited to come!

Do I need to complete 57km in a single session? Can I do it indoors?

No, you do not need to complete the Finisher Distance in a single session. You can accumulate 57km by riding multiple sessions at a time during the challenge. All cycling or running sessions recorded via STRAVA will count towards your Finisher Distance regardless of whether it’s done so indoors or outdoors.

Must I do both cycling AND running to complete the challenge?

You can complete the challenge as you wish regardless of whether you decide to cycle, run, or do a mix of both. However, do note that there are several notable achievements that can only be unlocked by completing certain types of activity.

I purchased the pre-national day pack after July 5, will I still get them on time for the National Day?

No. To receive your Race Pack on the 7th Aug 2022, you must purchase them before 2359hrs on the 5th of July 2022. Purchases made beyond that will be distributed at the Finisher Event or delivered together with the Finisher medal and other merchandise 4 weeks after the challenge ends.

Can I get someone to help collect my rewards on my behalf during the finisher event?

Yes, please send us an email at [email protected] to set this up.


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