Challenge Period

1st January 2022 - 31 December 2022

Are you ready for another year of the Togoparts Annual Cycling Challenge? Take on #TOGORIDE2022 and be ready to race the world. Wheels, pedals, and passion are all you need to join this challenge. Take on challengers from other nations with your community of local cyclists to see who will come out on top. Join anywhere, anytime. Feel the rush of adrenaline!

We encourage cyclists of all levels to participate in #TOGORIDE2022 to help motivate each other towards a healthier community in 2022 and beyond.

Sign up now to join over 26,000 cyclists from around the globe!



Welcome to 2023!
Join a community of over 25,000 riders and experience the benefits of
improved mood, increased self-esteem, and refreshing rides.


2022 World Outdoor Cycling Leaderboard

For the first time ever, we want to pitch cyclists as contenders from different countries for a friendly rivalry. To build a global community of cyclists that inspire those across the border.

Team up to represent your nation for #TOGORIDE2022! Countries will be ranked according to their total average distance clocked by their Top 5.

You might not be an Olympic cyclist but you can still put your country on the map. All you need are determination and two legs to make your nation proud!

Are you an “Ex”?

If you have taken part in #TOGORIDE2021, you will be automatically enrolled in #TOGORIDE2022!

See your standings within the community and experience the thrill of riding with your peers for another year.

Cycle through the 4 seasons

The proof is in the pudding! Show off your #TOGORIDE2022 profile with Seasonal Finisher Digital Badges. Earn a badge when you cover the monthly target distance for each season.

Badges are displayed beside your profile icon on the Challenge Leaderboard. But achievements don’t come easy, the target distance increases every month, so only those with determination and grit will be able to achieve the Seasonal Badges. Stand a chance to win the Seasonal Lucky Draw* when you unlock Seasonal Finisher Digital Badge

What are you waiting for? It’s time to beat the seasons

*Eligible for Seasonal Pass Holders only

Season 1 - New Beginnings

1 January - 31 March 2022 Complete a minimum of 22km per month

Season 2 -Burning Summer

1 April - 30 June 2022 Complete a minimum of 44km per month

Season 3 - Rise for the Fall

1 July - 30 September 2022 Complete a minimum of 66km per month

Season 4 - Sprinter Winter

1 October - 31 December 2022
Complete a minimum of
88km per month

Registration Closed


When we breathe good clean air, our overall well-being improves. The quality of sleep is better, the oxygen to our brains give us clarity and we feel energised and ready to undertake challenges like #TOGORIDE2022.

LIFAair is pleased to support all the cyclists in their pursuit for healthy living and are giving away some health tech goodies ,so what are you waiting for? Sign up now and stand a chance to grab a freebie!

Additional LIFAair cyclist merch included for giveaway!

LIFAair's Proprietary 3G Filter

Indoor air pollution is caused by different particles and gaseous emissions. Studies show that these numbers are increasing year on year. There are several different types of particles such as: viruses, bacteria, allergens, asbestos, fiberglass and mineral wool. As these contaminates build up, it will eventually cause problems in places of residence and work.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Our new Cyclodari-Tee (Try to say that without smiling!), made from high-quality heather material, for #TOGORIDE2022 comes in Sunshine Yellow as a message of optimism and happiness to represent resilience and hope as we ride for a better and brighter tomorrow.

2021 has been a rough ride for many of us but we have to look forward and keep pedaling to live a well-balanced life. Never stay sedentary or we will stop improving.

2022 will be a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Here’s to making new memories filled with joy and laughter.



The Cyclodari-TEE now in a new SUNSHINE YELLOW brings a message of optimism and happiness to us! Like the 2021st Edition, is made of the same high quality heather material which is both quick dry and ultra comfort soft. It helps you stay cool, enhance your mobility and performance while cycling.

TOGORide2022 Jersey | Front
TOGORide2022 Jersey | Back

*designs are subjected to change without prior notice



Make your first pedal to cycle around the world this year. Complete 2,022km distance on a bike! Celebrate your new feat by getting yourself the exclusive #TOGORIDE2022 Finisher Medal, inspired by remarkable places in various countries around the world.

TOGORide2022 Medal | Front
TOGORide2022 Medal | Back

*designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Get The Exclusive #TOGORIDE2022 Pass

Participating in the #TOGORIDE2022 Challenge is a good start, but why not reward yourself with apparel, discounts, and even stand a chance to win Seasonal Lucky Draws when you achieve Seasonal Finisher Digital Badges by getting yourself the exclusive #TOGORIDE2022 Season Pass?


#TOGORIDE2022 Seasonal Finisher Digital Badges from Season 1 to 4


#TOGORIDE2022 Seasonal Finisher Digital Badges from Season 1 to 4

2022 Edition Cyclodari-tee x 1

#TOGORIDE2022 Finisher Medal x 1

10% off on all rewards for all 2022 Togoparts challenges

Exclusive access to Togoparts Exclusive Cycling Community on Facebook

Chance to Win an Exclusive Prize every Seasonal Lucky Draw when you unlock each Seasonal Finisher Digital Badges

Our 22 million km Outdoor Virtual Community Bike

We are here!
2M km
4M km
7M km
10M km
13M km
16M km
19M km
22M km

Build our Virtual Community Bike by completing 22 million km as a part of the Togoparts Community of cyclists in 2022!

We did more than 17 million km on our bikes in 2021, so now we set our sights on 22 million km in 2022 to achieve together.

BICYCLE COMPONENTS will be coloured in when we hit each milestone. Every km that you cycle contributes to the total distance on the gauge. Will we be able to complete the virtual bike as community by the end of 2022?

Pump those pedals and join us!



Season 4

Mental Boost

Celebrate World Mental Health day by clocking in at least 22km on 10 October 2022. 

A Deepavali Ride

Celebrate Deepavali by lighting up your pedals and burning some calories! Clock in at least 22km on 24 October 2022 to unlock this achievement. 

Sugar Rush

Celebrate World Diabetes Day by clocking in at least 22km on 14 November 2022.

Super October!

 Clock in at least 500km during the month of October to unlock this achievement. 

Yes, November!

Clock in at least 500km during the month of November to unlock this achievement. 


Veteran's Program

Sign up for at least 5 of our 2022 challenges to unlock this achievement!

For King and Country

Contribute at least 122km per season to your country's leaderboard distance to unlock this achievement.

The Master Key

Unlock at least 22 #TOGORIDE2022 achievements to unlock this achievement. 

Round the Island

This achievement is awarded to participants who did a round island ride in Singapore at least twice per season. Send us the screenshot of your RTI sessions to unlock this achievement.



Handlebar Commander

This achievement is awarded to the top contributor who clocks in the most distance to unlock the handlebar distance of 2,000,000km.

Saddle King

This achievement is awarded to the top contributor who clocks in the most to unlock the seat post distance of 7,000,000km.

The Master
Front Wheel Builder

This achievement is awarded to the top contributor who clocks in the most to unlock the front wheel distance of 16,000,000km.


Pedals Chief

This achievement is awarded to the top contributor who clocks in the most to unlock the pedals distance of 22,000,000km.


How It Works


Register and connect us to your fitness tracker before challenge starts.


Clock your activities anytime, anywhere during challenge period using the STRAVA app.


Track your personal progress, current ranking and monitor your synced activities from STRAVA on the Leaderboard.


Real-time cheerleading messages will be sent to encourage and notify you of any achievements earned!


Receive exclusive merchandise delivered by courier!

Most Frequently Asked questions

I live outside of Singapore, can I sign up and join?

Yes! At Togoparts, our main mission is to connect cyclists and like-minded people from around the globe.

When can I get my rewards? Do I need to pay more for shipping?

Your rewards will be shipped out 6 weeks after the order is made. Make sure to provide your complete mailing address (incl. House/Unit/Tower Number) to ensure that your parcel will be delivered to you.

I did not sign up for #TOGORIDE2022. Why am I registered for the challenge?

You are automatically registered for the #TOGORIDE2022 challenge and included in the leaderboard if you joined last year's #TOGORIDE2021 challenge. Exciting achievements await you to help you meet your fitness goals this year!

I placed an order for the Cyclodari-Tee. Can I still change the Size?

Unfortunately, no. All tees are made upon order. Otherwise, you may look for a fellow participant to exchange tees with on our Exclusive Community.We highly suggest for you to check for the correct sizing through the Tee Sizing Chart found on the registration page before placing your order.

Can I record my distance using other apps or devices?

Our system only recognises logged activities on Strava. Thus, ALL participants are required to log their activities on Strava. However, you may still use other tracking apps (e.g. Garmin) but make sure to log your activities on Strava.

What activity types are recognized for this challenge?

We only recognise RIDE (for Outdoor) and VIRTUAL RIDE (for Indoor) as Strava activity types for this challenge.

Can I log my activities multiple times to add up to the challange distance?

YES! This is the beauty of #TOGORIDE2022. Total distance can be accumulated by logging multiple activities throughout the challenge period. Just remember to log your activities with the Strava app, or upload them to Strava if you are using another app to record your activities.

How do I unlock Season Badges?

You can unlock season badges by recording the required distance per month based on the season’s requirements.

How many members are allowed in a single team?

A team should have a minimum of 3 members or a maximum of 10 members to qualify for team achievements. You do not need to do your activities together to be ranked as a team or unlock team achievements.


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