How is my monthly payment made?

Online payments are only accepted via PayPal to ensure the security of your payment. If you do not have an account, simply click on "Start Posting", and at the payment page, you have the option to create a Paypal account. Creating an account is free of charge! Paypal accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express to name a few.

How long will it take for my account to be set up?

It will take 1 working day for your account to be set up after we received a confirmation from Paypal's system. We will also give you a call to verify your details to ensure your acccount is set up to reflect your details accurately.

I am a registered Business / Online only e-commerce platform, can I sign up?

Yes, You will have to go to the Star Merchant Plans starting from "Togo Lite". If you bring in your own brands, we highly recommend that you speak to us so that we can share with you brand protection plans that comes with Distributor Plans and e-store selling rights to grow your business quickly. Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at our hotline + 65 6533 3150, Mondays - Fridays, 10:00-6:00pm.

I am a freelancer making some extra cash on the side without a registered business, can I sign up?

Yes, In fact we have the Freelancer plans for you to come onto, namely "Togo Starter" & "Togo Basic" plans at $30 and $75/ month respectively. If you wish to go on larger plans, there's nothing to stop you from signing up the "Retail" Plans too.

Can I cancel my subscription plan?

Yes, this is the best part of the deal where we allow you to cancel at any time. Please take note that the payment made for the first month is not refundable. If you wish to cancel after the first month, please write into [email protected] and allow 15 days for cancellation to take effect. E.g. Request for termination sent in on 31st August. Billing date is 15th September. September subscription will still be billed.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade my plan?

Yes, please write into [email protected] and allow 15 days for this to take effect. Your new subscription rate will start on the next monthly billing cycle.

I do not have a retail front, can I still go onto the subscription plan?

Definitely! The subscription plans are for all item owners who would like to leverage on the marketplace to boost their sales. However, if you are a registered business in Singapore, you will have to go for the smallest Star Merchant Business Plan - Togo Lite at only $90/month. If you are not a business however, there is no restrictions on which plan you can go on.

What will happen to my balance T-credits?

If you were using T-credits to post New Item Ads, going onto the subscription plan will no longer allow you to post New Item Ads using T-credits. However, if you are a registered business in Singapore, you will not be able to continue to use T-credits to post New Item Ads but must upgrade to any of the Star Merchant Accounts starting at Togo Lite.

Your balance T-credits can be used to REFRESH (bump) your New Item up to the top of the list. Each Refresh costs 1 T-credit.

Can I change my credit card details?

Yes. To do so, please log in to Paypal to change your credit card details as the primary payment option.

What if I run out of T credits?

You can purchase more T-credits online by clicking here.

What kind of response will I get for an Ad?

Ad clicks depends on the content/product marketed on the ad. Expect more than 500 clicks on the 1st couple of days if your ad with pictures is crafted well. Togoparts is visited by more than 150,000 cyclists monthly chalking up to 10 million page views monthly on Web, Mobile, iOS and Android Platforms.

How do I reach out to more people with Banners, EDMs, write-ups and other marketing services on Togoparts?

You can contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at our hotline + 65 6533 3150, Mondays - Fridays, 10:00-6:00pm.

Can I post priority and free ads after purchasing a subscription plan?

No. After coming onto the subscription plan, you can only post New Item Ads. You can, however, create another Togoparts account to post Priority and Free Ads for your personal used items

I need to put up more ads, do you have plans with more ads?

You can contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at our hotline + 65 6533 3150, Mondays - Fridays, 10:00-6:00pm.


Spectrum Worldwide has worked with Togoparts since the first annual OCBC took place four years ago. Together we have spread the word about Singapore's largest mass participation cycling event and will continue to do so in the future.

Togoparts has helped spread the word to the community, not only about the event, but also about the QCBC Cycle Singapore Safe Cycling Campaign. Spectrum sees Togoparts as an integral part of the Singapore cycling community.

Chris Robb
Managing Director,
Spectrum Worldwide

Spectrum Worldwide

The Togoparts team is quick to act and always accommodating with our advertising requests. They are extremely fair and we will continue working with them for the long term.

Trudy Fawcett
Marketing & Sales Manager

Meta Sport

By far, the best solution and perfect place to be in for the local cycling market trend, understanding individual needs as well as flexible in execution!

Gilbert Loo
Hup Leong Co

Hup Leong