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Give yourself credit

Tcredits Price (SGD)  
4 Tcreds SGD 5 ($1.25/Tcred) BUY
10 Tcreds SGD 10 ($1/Tcred) BUY
30 Tcreds SGD 29 ($0.97/Tcred) BUY
60 Tcreds SGD 56 ($0.93/Tcred) BUY
80 Tcreds SGD 72 ($0.90/Tcred) BUY
120 Tcreds SGD 100 ($0.83/Tcred) BUY
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Ad Refreshes
  What is an Ad Refresh?
How much does a Refresh Cost?
Togoparts Members
An Ad Refresh bumps your ad to the top of the list on the first page in its category

Note on Ad Categories:
A New Item Ad will always be on top of Priority Ads.
A Prioirty Ad will be always on top of Free Ads.
1 T-Credit
Priority Ads
For used items only Complete Bikes Other Categories Photos Sorted first above Free Ads What happens after 7 days? Highlight
Togoparts Members 10 Tcredits 4 Tcredits 6 7 days Becomes a Free Ad after 7 days Yes
New Item Ads
  Complete Bikes Category All Other Categories
  First Post
(24 Hrs)
Each subsequent day
(24 Hrs)
First Post
(24 Hrs)
Each subsequent day
(24 Hrs)
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Togoparts Members (Freelancer) 2 Tcredits 2 Tcredits 2 Tcredits 2 Tcredits
Save more with a Quota Based plan! Find out more about the New Item Ads Freelancer Subscription Plans New

How do Tcredits work?

Tcredits (Tcreds in short) are Togoparts.com's very own currency. Purchase Tcreds and spend them whenever you post a priority ad in the marketplace or use them to refresh and bump them to the top for 1 T-credit each.

* Note: If you are registed business, T-credits cannot be used for posting New Item Ads. Sign up for a Star Merchant Subscription Plan instead.

How do I get started?

  • Payment
    • Payment via major International credit cards and paypal accepted.
      Accepted ccccccpp

  • Procedure
    1. Choose the quantity of Tcreds desired. Click on the corresponding "Buy" button.
    2. You will be re-directed to Paypal for payment. You can use your credit card to pay via Paypal.
    3. Once payment is succesfully made, you will be directed back to Togoparts.com (take note of the transaction number/Togoparts receipt)
    4. Tcreds will automatically be added to your Tcreds "bank" account for you to use immediately.
    5. Proceed to use your Tcreds (eg. buy priority ads on marketplace)

  • Terms and Conditions
    • Tcredits once bought are not refundable in cash.
    • Tcredits cannot be exchanged for cash but only for goods and services on togoparts.com
    • Tcredits is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and expires on the last day of the 12th month of the purchase.
    • If you have enquires about Tcreds, email to sales@togoparts.com or use our live chat below, Mondays to Fridays 10am to 6pm.