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I am selling my arsenal of speed weapons

Note that all wheels are 10 speed, but you may purchase 11 speed cassette bodies from the respective manufacturers. Do let me know which wheel you wish to convert to 11 speed and I shall find out for you, what the conversion will cost you. (Alternatively a quick google will help you find the same answer)

Wheelsets will come with skewers only, cassette and tires will be extras

Wheelset combinations are as follows

FFWD Disc + Sram 80 front Toroidal (Both in Zipp 808 Decals) - $1350
These are aluminium rimmed wheels, which means that you get all the aero advantages of a full Time Trial/ Triathlon setup but yet get the full stopping power of normal boxed rims. They give you the confidence to brake a little later and thus save you more time in a race. They are more durable and understandably more expensive than their carbon rimmed counterparts.

The SRAM 80 front wheel is basically a Zipp 808 toridial without dimples. For those of you new to the cycling world, SRAM bought over Zipp and their subsidiaries back in 2007. Since then Zipp has been applying the very same technologies into making wheelsets for SRAM. The SRAM 80, is basically a rebadged Zipp wheel, with identical geometries, less the expensive dimples....Did I also mention that these babies are equiped with Carbon wrapped hubs and ceremic hybrid bearings? Well now you know :)

Zipp 900 Disc + Sram 80 front Toroidal - $1450

Zipp 900 discs are one of the few Zipp discs that are able to fit into older narrower frames like the previous generation Cervelos, Felts and Argons. The disc wheel has a carbon braking surface and is not dimpled like its brothers and sisters. It still remains an extremely fast wheel then keeps up to pace with its modern counterparts.

For Sram 80 front please refer to the previous component

American Classics 58 Aero carbon - $650 (Sorry guys this has been sold to a very happy owner who is very happy that these clydesdale wheels capable of taking the trashing of 120kg blokes is capable to witholding any thing he throws at them.)

These American Classic wheels sound absolutely amazing at speed, coasting and even whilst pushing your bike along. Absolutely brilliant sounding hubs that just scream "Carbon high end bicycle" from afar. Aluminium braking surfaces and 58mm depth and thick bladed spokes help them keep up pace with the Zipp 404s. My comparison about them with the 404s would be that the straightline performance is similar, but you tend to feel the cross winds a little more with these wheels. Still an excellent wheelset to have on you to use with training and have confidence in its strength and robustness. These were built for heavier americans after all, they can take more punishment than we can give them.

Zipp 404s Toroidal aluminium rimmed clincher - $900

These bad boys are the flagship of Zipp speed weaponry, with their first introduction of dimples and toridial tubing to streamline airflow over not just the wheels themselves but over the frame and forks of the bicycle. Equipped with confidence inspiring and durable aluminium rims, these Zipps welcome not just your race day go to wheels but your everyday companion, capable of taking you on your daily commutes. (The company has shown that their wheels can survive the Paris-Roubaix Cobbled Classics, so rest assured that those little road pebbles stand no chance against these bad boys)

SRAM 80 Rear + Zipp 404 front Toroidal $800 (It is a real pity that not many people have heard the melodious buzz of the SRAM 80 rear hubs my one dear buyer that did, fell in love with them immediatly and whipped them off me. It has found its new home and even happier owner)

Again here we are, because these are my favourite wheels, clinchers, aluminium rims, and Zipp speed weaponry R&D. Please refer to the previous comments regarding the SRAM 80s and Zipp 404s.

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25th Dec 2017
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