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Boost your cyclometer accuracy with N52 Grade Neodymium Magnets(highest grade in strength from UK)

SGD 18

7 years ago
Boost and get very accurate readings from your cyclometer with the strongest magnets in the world using N52 grade neodymium( the strongest magnetic material commercially available) Even the smallest N52 neodymium magnet in our range, 10mm diameter x 2mm thick, has an impressive pull strength of 1.6kg !!

These are made in UK and not some cheap China made magnets.You can use it if your original cyclometer magnet is too far from the sensor.I will put up a link of a video on how you can still read your meter even if it exceeds the recommended range using this most powerful magnet.

I ordered from UK at minimum of 29 pcs at £10.29 plus registered mail adding up to bout $40 SGD.
The size is 10mm by 2mm which fits every cyclometer magnets, all you need to do is just stick the powerful one over the original magnet And you see the difference.

There is a video link below go show you how easy it can be done,pls check it out.

If for some reason is not stated here ,please search on youtube for this title to show you how easy its done and how precise the reading is even if your magnet is too far from the sensor.Ive tried it on my own bike and it works like magic! You cant go wrong with just $18 i assure you!

Here is the youtube video title:
Cateye Strada Wireless - spoke magnet setup made easy

I bought it here from the UK and the magnets are so strong 2 pcs torn the package and got stuck to some metal area at the post office.

I have 7 pcs left and would sell them at $18 SGD for 3 pcs and $20 for 4 pcs.

Dont miss out this opportunity , these are made in the UK and of high quality. Dont buy the cheap china made ones for they crack easily.You can use them to paste notes on the fridge or use it to magnetize you screw driver to pick up screws and tighten without the need to hold the screws.

You can use it for many other purposes I dont have many left so dont miss out!!

You can call or sms anytime, self collect at braddle mrt area.If you want me to post to yo;u there will be extra charges.

Call or text me at 9653 1897
You can also email me at ;

Thank you for reading my ad.
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