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Designed specifically for women riders, high comfort, breathable quick-drying, easy maintenance.
Suitable for everyday casual riding, riding excursions, night riding, mild off-road and other
AMY tailored for women riders, the whole body uses more soft materials, and according to various parts of the body when riding wicking characteristics and ease friction parts for use, greatly improving the body's comfort.
Material: RainTex-AP soft quick-drying,
MoonLight-Apef drying breathable,
MASS-APEFT lightweight breathable.
Cut: 3D cutting, comfortable self, no bondage.
Pocket: Three classic pockets design, can be placed items.
Anti-cursor: anti-cursor back design to ensure safe riding at night.
Zipper: Super League custom YKK zipper, after more than a thousand riot anti-card test campaign.
Printing: Sublimation technology, using imported Italian Manoukian-Argon ink, safety and environmental protection no smell, bright colors do not fade.

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23rd Jun 2019
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