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3M 5-Way Mulit-Purpose Lubricant

SGD 10.90

2 years ago
Excellent Rust Prevention: Protects metal from rust and corrosion
Cleans: Removes dirt, grease and other contaminants
Lubricates: Tapping lubricant for stainless steel and aluminum
Penetrates and Loosen: Helps free rusted and frozen bolts, nuts and more
3M™ 5-Way Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a lemon scented industrial grade lubricant with an excellent rust prevention performance.

Penetrates, Lubricates and Prevent
A locally formulated lubricant, our multi-purpose spray is designed to penetrate the toughest barriers, breaking down rust that prevents the movement of rusty parts such as cranks, levers, hinges, bolts and more.

It also displaces moisture and acts as a tapping lubricant for stainless steel and aluminum as well as a light duty lubricant for delicate precision instruments.

The corrosion protection properties makes it an excellent choice to prevent and keep rust away for a proven longer lasting protection.

Suggested Applications
Loosens rusted bolts and nuts
Tapping lubricant for stainless steel and aluminum
Displacing moisture on electrical apparatus, generators and motors
Lubrication for many delicate and precision instruments

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