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4 years ago

Welcome to Sengkangbikeshop,
We specialized in road bike servicing for all brands of road bikes. We have been doing road bike servicing/bike building for some time now through only word of mouth and between friends and acquaintances but now we are bringing are services to the public. The following pictures are just some of the bikes that has been through us.

Services we provide:
Bike building 129$ (fullset of cables included in the price)
Bike servicing 99$ (full bike recabling will be done)
Bottom bracket,headset and pulley wheel bearing overhauls 30$
Other miscellaneous request can be done too

In-depth description of our services

Bike building:
We will build up your bike with smooth stainless steel cables and cable housings and we provide fast turnover times for the bike build. We will be using quality tools from Icetoolz,parktool etc. We ofc will be using torque wrenches on everything that has a torque setting and provide also a perfectly tuned drivetrain.

Bike servicing:
We will do a full disassembly of your bike and give it some TLC.
Full cleaning of all your parts will be done
Bearings and threads will be regreased with Quality Parktool Grease.
A fresh set of cable inners and outers will be changed to give the user the new bike feeling again.
Bartape will be rewrapped with High quality black cork bartape (included in the price)
All parts will be torqued to the correct specifications to ensure rider safety.

Bottom bracket,headset and pulley wheel bearing overhauls:
we provide this service for those we want the absolute smoothest drive train possible and guarantee Ur drive-train be smooth as silk so next time you go rti you can drop your friends at coastal

Bike turnover time will be asap around 1-3 days
Bike dropoff/pickup at anchorvale street 331a postal code 541331

please whatsapp me @88073five62
i wont be on togochats as togo dosent work on my phone
you can also find me at

Pm me for further inquires

Thank you
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