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Polar Ft 4 sports watch with heart rate monitor (Pink)

SGD 98

2 years ago
New watch battery just changed.

No longer in use due to upgrade.

Perfect for runners or gym goers who want a fitness watch to monitor heart rate.

Review can be found here

Polar FT4 is a full-fledge heart rate monitor with numerous features. You can wear it like a modern watch, but it performs all the functions of heart rate monitor. It has comfortable and durable strap, which provides the accurate heart rate data. It comes in various color and suitable for both men and women.
Polar is famous for its heart rate monitor and its accuracy. FT4 is a high rated product from Polar. It comes with a Chest Strap and a wristwatch. In general chest strap monitors are considered more accurate. This monitor transmits the data from the chest strap to the wrist watch in coded form ( Polar OwnCode 5khz coded transmission). Coding prevents any kind of interferences from other devices. Thus, provide accurate readings that belong to you.

FT4 is pretty easy to use and has lots of features:
Continuous heart rate reading: It shows heart rate reading continuously. It keep your fitness training simple.
HeartTouch: Hearttouch feature makes your life easy. To view time, you need not press any button. To see the current time and other readings quickly, just bring the watch near the chest strap and for few seconds the current time is displayed, then it goes back to the previous screen.
Graphical target zone indicator: FT4 displays the zone you are in during a training session in graphical format. This helps you to maintain desired intensity zone.
Comfort for Chest Strap: It has soft fabric cloth, which is very comfortable, and take shape of your body. You cannot feel them. In addition, the maintenance is very easy. Default chest strap fits most people. Monitor comes with M to XXL chest strap that fits 30-45 inches. However if you need some other size XS or Small, you can order them separately. Check price for XS/Small Chest Strap
Training Features:
Manual target zones: Allows you to manually set the target zone. Target zone can be set as beats per minute (bpm), or as a percentage of your maximum heart rate, or as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (HRR%). Polar FT80 and FT60 have the feature that automatically set the target zones.
Additional Features:
Audible Alarms: FT4 has zone alarm that will beep when you cross your permissible heart rate limit.
Transfer data: FT4 doesn’t allow transferring the data to your computer or to web. However, it supports gymlink that connects the device to compatible gym equipments and your gym equipment shows the readings
Memory: Allow 10 files to be stored in the memory along with weekly history.
Calories Burned: OwnCal feature displays total calories burned in a single session and in the overall training.
Watch Features:
Display: The display panel of FT4 is amazingly large. It has backlight, so that one can view the readings in dim or dark light. However, few users feel the green colored backlight does not serve the purpose.
Watch with Time and Alarm: It displays time and date like a normal watch and you can set audible alarms.
Battery: Provides low battery alerts and the battery is user Replaceable.
Water Resistance: Its suitable for swimming and works 30 meters underwater. You can view the readings; but it is unsafe to operate on the buttons.
Multi Language Support: It supports English, German, Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.
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