Nukeproof Enduro Strap

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Enduro riding is becoming more demanding so the need to carry spares is becoming essential. The best place to store these is on your bike rather than on your back so these straps will allow you to do that. By adding spares to the frame it eliminates the need to carry a bag or will give you extra space in your bag for other essentials.

Usage :
1. Open the strap with the rubber side facing you
2. Place CO2 and any loose tools you want to carry on top of the loops
3. Place your inner tube on top of the strap. It’s best to have the tube folded so the flat side is on top of the CO2 and tools
4. Stretch the elastic loop’s over your inner tube and accessories
5. Now you have the strap loaded, Take it to your bike and set the rubber contact bars against the frame
6. Wrap the loaded strap round the frame, through the loop and back on itself securing it on the velcro
7. Ensure the strap is tight and held securely in position
8. Go and enjoy your ride
Short – 38cm (For attaching to your saddle but can be used on frames with skinny tubing)
Long – 60cm (For attaching to the frame but will also work on the saddle)

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20th Jun 2020
Enduro Strap
MTB, Road, Commute, Folding, BMX/Street, Electric Bike, Youth Bike, Scooter, Electric Scooter, Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Mini Velo, Racer

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