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COFIDIS HITS KIDS 12 inch Balance bike (The perfect gift for kids learning cycle)

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3 years ago
Material: High carbon steel frame
Handle Bar height adjustable: 57.6~62.2cm
Saddle height adjustable: 38~45cm
Suitable for kids aged 2-6 years old
Suitable for Height range: 80~120cm

This stylish lightweight Cofidis balance bike presented by Cofidis makes it possible for your kids to pretend riding a bike while walking or running. Your child will develop important skills such as balance, coordination, and steering, while also building strength and motor skills which can help him able to switch to a pedal bike without training wheels.

The 5 reasons to try a balance bike with Quailty Assured

1. Safety: Balance bikes are safer and more practical than tricycles and training wheels. Tricycles are slow, awkward to maneuver and easily tip on uneven or angled surfaces. On a balance bike, children are focused on balancing, rather than pedaling. As a result, they are more prepared for an unexpected loss in balance and are much less likely to fall.

2. Economics: Many parents hesitate purchasing a balance bike because they consider them to be a waste of money, when in fact one balance bike can replace the need for a tricycle and a 12″ bike with training wheels.

3. Enticement: Instead of bugging your kids to get outside and play, they will be bugging you to take them for a ride. Kids love the independence and sense of accomplishment they get from riding a balance bike. Whether it’s being stopped by strangers on a walk or bombarded by kids at the park, kids quickly realize that there is something cool about riding bikes and want to be part of the action.

4. Family Time: Balance bikes are reinvigorating families with go-outside-and-explore-your-world fun. Balance bikes allow toddlers to cruise sidewalks and bikes paths at moderate speeds, pleasing parents and older siblings alike. In fact, balance bikes also allow families to explore the great outdoors. Furthermore, balance bikes are easy to transport. Without pedals, they can quickly be thrown in the car, or thrown into the basket of some strollers.

5. Acceleration: Kids who ride balance bike generally ride pedal bikes independently at a younger age than those who use training wheels. It is not uncommon for balance bike riders to start riding a pedal bike at the age of three verses 5 or 6 with training wheels. In addition, transitioning an experienced balance biker to a pedal bike is a piece of cake. Simply give them a bike and let them ride. No running beside them, no holding their seat, no tears; simply give them the bike and watch as they ride off on their own.

BZ Sport Cycles is the official distributor for COFIDIS kids bike and accessories. Shop-owners, retailers who are keen in dealership can contact us!

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