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This year, Financial Alliance celebrates its 20th Anniversary. To promote an active and healthy lifestyle as well as bonding amongst the members of Financial Alliance Corporation, we will embark on a challenge to Run/Jog/Cycle 20,000km and raise S$20,000 towards Financial Alliance's 2022 CSR initiative in support of the #onemilliontrees movement.

Plant Hope for the Future

In celebration of Financial Alliance’s 20th Anniversary and to promote active living as well as bonding amongst the members of the Financial Alliance family, let’s Run/Jog/Cycle 20,000km to raise funds for the #PLANTHOPEFORFUTURE project, in support of the #onemilliontrees movement.

To level the playing field between runners and cyclists, we will be applying a weighted distance measure, where a 25% weight will be applied for cycling distances vis-a-vis 100% for running. Financial Alliance will match a S$1 donation for every weighted km ran/cycled, up to S$20,000. On top of that, there are attractive prizes to be won!

0 KM

Weighted Distance

0 KM

Weighted Distance


20,000 KM

Weighted Distance



raised for

#onemilliontrees project

Challenge Details

Challenge Period

Sunday, 01st May 2022 to
Sunday, 31st July 2022 GMT+8

01st May 2022 Sunday 0:00 to
31st July 2022 Sunday 23:59 GMT+8

Registration Period

Wednesday, 16th March 2022 to
Sunday, 15th May 2022 GMT+8


This is a virtual challenge. You and your team can join and ride from anywhere in the world. All you need is a STRAVA account. You are encouraged to run/cycle along park connectors and avoid nature reserves or nature park areas, in order to keep the latter a safe haven for our native biodiversity.


Finisher Distance 50 km

Elite Finisher Distance 200 km


Participation Fee

FREE! USD 0.00


Each signed-up participant will receive a goodie bag with an event tee-shirt along with various gifts from our sponsors like sports towels, outdoor cutlery sets, and more! The event tee-shirt is made from breathable micromesh fabric that wicks away sweat for optimal comfort.

FA Merch | Front
FA Merch | Back

Unlock these Achievements

You have the chance to unlock 29 achievements!

Earn these achievements to show-off of your sportive spirit.


Complete at least 100km of running OR cycling during the challenge to unlock this achievement (multi sessions)

Beep Beep Roadrunners

Awarded to the fastest team to reach a total of 100km of running during the challenge to unlock this achievement. 

*Each member must clock in at least 1 entry to unlock.

Leading Peloton

Awarded to the fastest team to reach a total of 400km of cycling during the challenge to unlock this achievement. 

*Each member must clock in at least 1 entry to unlock.

How It Works

1. Register for event

Connect your account to your STRAVA before challenge starts.

2. Start challenge

Be active and partake in the event using the Togoparts app or STRAVA app!

3. Track progress

Track rankings, activities, and achievements on the Challenge Leaderboard.

4. Earn achievements

We’ll notify you when you unlock achievements during the event.

5. Win physcial rewards

Win exclusive merchandise by the end of our challenge!

Most Frequently Asked questions

I live outside of Singapore, can I still sign up and join?

Yes, this challenge is open to members and friends of Financial Alliance residing in Singapore, Malaysia, the Phiippines, and India.

Do I have to clock 50km in 1 activity submission to become a finisher?

No. You may clock as many activities as you wish to complete 50km and beyond.

Can I log my actIvities on a trainer / stationary bike / threadmill?

Yes, all indoor activities are also recognised for our #FA20KCHALLENGE Challenge.

When and how will I get my goodie bag?

Goodie bags will be available for collection at FAPL Gateway West office in April. You will receive an email informing you of the collection. You may also appoint a representative to collect on behalf of your team.

Can I tag my friends on my ride?

No. Tagging of activities are not allowed. Each participant must record their activities via their own Strava account. Tagged activities will be ignored.

How many members are allowed in a single team?

Team must consist of a minimum of 2 people or a maximum 5 members. You do not necessarily need to do your activities together to be ranked as a team or unlock team achievements, but we encourage you to come together in teams / small group activities for bonding.

Can I log / ride multiple times to add up to the challange distance?

Yes. The beauty of our #FA20KCHALLENGE virtual challenge is that you can log in your activities anytime and anywhere! Just remember to log your activities with the Strava app, or upload them to Strava if you are using another app to record your activities. Do also ensure your devices are Strava-compatible!


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