Take Charge and pedal your way to climate protection! Cycle to reduce your carbon footprint as a family activity or by changing the way you commute to work, to buy lunch.

Join us on the #CycleForChange Challenge because every ride counts towards our one million km target! For every km you cycle, Senoko Energy and T-RECs.ai will pledge to offset additional three times more CO2 through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to support local solar generation.

Challenge Details

Challenge Period

Thursday, 10th March 2022 to
Friday, 22nd April 2022 GMT+8

10th March 2022 Thursday 0:00 to
22nd April 2022 Friday 23:59 GMT+8

Registration Period

Monday, 14th February 2022 to
Thursday, 21st April 2022 GMT+8


This is a virtual challenge. You and your team can join and ride from anywhere in the world. All you need is a STRAVA account.


Finisher Distance 50 km

Elite Finisher Distance 250 km

Outdoor cycling only

Participation Fee

FREE! SGD 0.00

Finisher / Elite Finisher Jerseymade from sustainable fabric

SGD 88.90

*Free delivery anywhere in Singapore!

Cycle For Recs

Join #CycleForChange and help us achieve our goal of 1 million km distance.


KM Target



Kg CO2 Saved



Cars off the road

Senoko Energy and T-RECs.ai will pledge to offset additional 3x more CO2 saved through the purchase of RECs to support local solar generation.

3 x 187,000kg =


CO2 offset



Helps to Offset


Kg CO2 from

1MWh Energy consumption



Helps to Offset


Kg CO2 from

1,373 MWh Energy consumption


670,960 km


125,470 kg of CO2 saved


The Grid Emission Factor (GEF): https://www.ema.gov.sg/cmsmedia/18RSU.pdf

Annual average private car mileage: https://data.gov.sg/dataset/annual-mileage-for-private-motor-vehicles

The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB) 2015: https://www.nccs.gov.sg/media/publications/sustainable-singapore-blueprint

Gamechangers Who Will Be Leading The Big Idea

Mr Graeme York
President & CEO

Mr Kang Jen Wee
Founder & CEO

Mr Edwin Shen
Community Manager

Hear from these leaders on why they find it important to #TakeCharge and be part of the movement to fight climate change.

Challenge has Ended

Unlock These Achievements


Pedal to work, school or anywhere you need to go on weekdays (Monday to Friday) to unlock this achievement!


Unlock this achievement when you cycle to buy a takeaway meal.


This achievement will be awarded when you explore all of our cycling trails!

Plus, Attractive Prizes To Be Won!

Prizes include one-year FREE electricity (LifeGreen24),

Renewable Energy Certificates & Garmin watches!

Stand To Win A 2D1N Family City Suite Stay At Mandarin Oriental, Singapore!

10km Cycle Challenge Lucky Draw

Cycle at least 10km and you could be one of the FIVE lucky participants to win a 2D1N Family City Suite stay (worth over $1,100)!

Wefie Challenge

Snap a wefie with the driveway fountain located outside Mandarin Oriental, Singapore and stand to win a 2D1N stay in the Marina Bay View Room (worth over $900).

Cycling Trails

Get an energy boost when you visit us at certain pit stops!

Click on the button below to find out more.

Cycling Trails

Get an energy boost when you visit us at certain pit stops!

Click on the button below to find out more.

Cycling Trails

Get an energy boost when you visit us at certain pit stops!

Click on the button below to find out more.

Cycling Trails

Get an energy boost when you visit us at certain pit stops!

Click on the button below to find out more.

Partner Merchants

Check out our #CycleForChange partners and get an exclusive discount of up to 20% on their products.

Sustainable Finisher Jersey

Made from our breathable and anti-bacterial Eco-Friendly Material, cafted from a premium warp knitted fabric from Italy. Finishers can receive the #CYCLEFORCHANGE Finisher Jersey, featuring sweat absorbent band with excellent stretch level, that are printed on demand to avoid waste when they complete 50 km. $10 from each purchase will be used to buy RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) to support solar farms.

Senoko Jersey | Front
Senoko Jersey | Back

*designs are subjected to change without prior notice

Sustainable Elite Finisher Jersey

Perform better with the Elite Finisher Jersey crafted from Italian warp knitted fabric to create our anti-bacterial and breathable Eco-Friendly Material that are printed on demand to reduce waste. Get the #CYCLEFORCHANGE Elite Finisher Jersey by completing the Elite Finisher distance of 250km. From each purchase, $10 is to be donated to get RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) in support of solar farms.

Senoko Jersey | Front
Senoko Jersey | Back

*designs are subjected to change without prior notice


Climate change is real and textile manufacturers are one of the culprits, polluting land, air, and sea. Our commitment is to reduce the impact of each of these jerseys from production to the end-of-life of the product without compromising on quality.

Why are the jerseys more expensive?

full moon

Integrating three different types of fabrics by M.I.T.I spa in Italy that are structured to have improved quality and comfort for gliding performance. Crafted to have different properties but to function with cohesion for breathability, aerodynamics, and cooling. Feel nothing but air on your skin!

Bluesign certifications ensure manufacturers use materials that are less harmful to the environment and OEKO-TEX® regulates manufacturers from using substances harmful to humans.

To normalise the use of clean energy, every purchase of our jerseys will contribute $10 to solar farms and RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) will be provided along with the jerseys as proof.

What Is Senoko's
#TAKECHARGE Initiative

In alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Singapore Green Plan, Senoko Energy launched #TakeCharge, our corporate sustainability initiative.

It activates collaboration, solutions and innovation to excite our internal and external stakeholders to take action and work together for our common goals.

About T-RECs.ai

T-RECs.ai is a recognised Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE) of the APX TIGRs Registry providing verification services for the registration of renewable energy assets and the issuance of RECs on the Registry.

All RECs for #CycleForChange will be retired on T-RECs.ai’s proprietary blockchain-enabled REHash Platform, which tracks and verifies the ownership of the green attributes contained in these RECs to prevent double-counting of ownership.

T-RECs.ai is compliant with the SS 673:2021 Code of Practice for Renewable Energy Certificates in Singapore.

To find out more, contact us at enquiry@trecs.ai.

Family, Team, & Corporate Leaderboard

Grab your teammates and join the #CycleForChange Challenge.
The top Team, Family Team and Corporate Team which cover the most distance during the challenge period will win attractive prizes.

Start cycling now and join the fight against climate change.

Lunch Box | Paym50

How It Works


Register and connect us to your fitness tracker before challenge starts.


Clock your activities anytime, anywhere during challenge period using the STRAVA app.


Track your personal progress, current ranking and monitor your activities synced automatically from STRAVA on the Leaderboard.


Real-time cheerleading messages will be sent to encourage and notify you of any achievements earned!


Receive exclusive merchandise delivered by courier!

Cycling Safety Tips

Do be safe! We encourage responsible and safe cycling.

Use hand signals to let others you share a path with know where you’re thinking of going. This is especially important when riding on the road with cars!
Don’t forget to wear a helmet when on roads and paths accessible to the public. Your helmet should fit well and be brightly coloured.
Ring your bell to warn pedestrians of your presence when you are about 30m from them. This is to prevent them from making sudden moves when you are near them.
Ring your bell to warn pedestrians of your presence when you are about 30m from them. This is to prevent them from making sudden moves when you are near them.

Please refer to LTA’s cycling road rules and code of conduct for more information:


Cycling Eye Care Tips

As you’re observing all traffic laws and practising road safety, keep eye care in sight to enjoy healthy vision on the bike

Always Wear Sunglasses With UV-Protection

Without the physical barrier of sunglasses, foreign objects like dust, grit or pollen can fly straight into your eyes and cause irritation.

Go Polarised

Polarised lenses block all glare from entering your eyes, especially useful when harsh sunlight is reflecting off long stretches of roads and paths.

Carry Eye Drops On Rides

Wind blowing and flowing into your eyes when cycling evaporates their tear film, which causes discomfort and when prolonged, damage to eye surfaces.

Get Regular Eye Checks

Clarity is paramount when cycling, and can make all the difference in spotting road hazards. That’s why you should always ensure your prescription is at its most updated and accurate.

Most Frequently Asked questions

I live outside of Singapore, can I still sign up and join?

No, this challenge is open for people residing in Singapore only.

I ordered a jersey, when it will be delivered? Do I need to pay more for shipping?

To avoid waste, all jerseys are printed on demand and will be shipped out 4-6 weeks after the challenge ends.

How many members are allowed in a single team?

Team must consist of a minimum of 2 people or a maximum 5 members. You do not need to do your activities together to be ranked as a team or unlock team achievements.

Can i tag my friends on my ride?

No. Tagging of activities are not allowed. Each participant must record their activities via their own Strava account. Tagged activities will be ignored.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are tradable green energy attributes that represent electricity generated from renewable energy generation facilities. When energy producers generate 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy, they can apply for a REC. These RECs are validated and issued through accredited platforms, which are recognised by international registries. When energy providers or suppliers retire RECs on your behalf, you can claim you are doing your part for the environment!

Can I log my actIvities on a trainer / stationary bike?

No, all indoor activities are not recognised for #CycleForChange Event. All types of indoor activities WILL NOT contribute to the finisher distance.

Can I log / ride multiple times to add up to the challange distance?

Yes. The beauty of virtual challenge is that you can log in your activities anytime and anywhere.

Just remember to log your activities with the Strava app, or upload them to Strava if you are using another app to record your activities. Just make sure the devices are Strava-compatible!

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