Folding, Mini-Velos, Commuter Bikes

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Need advice for selection of disc brakes  Edit  Delete  polar_dreamer 12th Jan 2019 9:47 AM by phamyen123
upgrading java decaf
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mizisida 12th Jan 2019 9:46 AM by phamyen123
Tonino Lamborghini folding bike (18speed)
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essilor 12th Jan 2019 9:44 AM by phamyen123
Can recommend good foldable bike at budget of around SGD300?  Edit  Delete  tbird000 12th Jan 2019 9:43 AM by phamyen123
Locking a Tern Link D8  Edit  Delete  foldie90 18th Dec 2018 10:41 AM by Tomei79
Product Review: Tsinova TS01  Edit  Delete  nomadicaffair 13th Nov 2018 6:09 PM by todobre
Increase speed for Java Decaf TT  Edit  Delete  tankh76 16th Oct 2018 9:26 PM by tankh76
Can put 2 20" foldie in taxi boot?  Edit  Delete  keong81 2nd Oct 2018 10:52 PM by lumpy19
Folding Bike Recommendations  Edit  Delete  mrsm None
Advice on choosing a commuter bike  Edit  Delete  sadlyharry 23rd Aug 2018 5:38 AM by pinelights
Need help on Mini Velo Upgrade  Edit  Delete  jeebusai 16th Aug 2018 10:26 PM by Oyst3rJianhao
Changing 20" foldable from 406 to 451  Edit  Delete  pisces134 14th Aug 2018 1:08 PM by pisces134
Mid Range Fixie recomendation
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arcanehacker 12th Aug 2018 12:01 PM by terrytay
Where do you guys buy children bikes 4-6 years old. 14in - 16in Wheels.  Edit  Delete  malcolmt 7th Aug 2018 1:30 PM by malcolmt
Need Help Choosing A Bike For Regular Use  Edit  Delete  sadlyharry 1st Aug 2018 9:42 PM by albatross
saddle recommendation  Edit  Delete  dlee12 23rd Jul 2018 9:47 PM by kona-bros
Tyrell AM-10 wheels  Edit  Delete  amokie 11th Jul 2018 3:14 PM by carlm21
Single speed conversion to fixie  Edit  Delete  virgilioroland None
brake pedal feel/ brake accumulator issue?  Edit  Delete  Jessebarker None
Trek Crossrip vs Giant Anyroad vs Merida cyclocross  Edit  Delete  keong81 16th May 2018 11:34 PM by tohdj
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