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Good experience and great way to stay connected with friends

Xieshen - 1 year ago

Ride was alright though Strava is acting stupid through ride... time to get a GPS.

Jpanimeotaku - 1 year ago

2nd challenge done... alot of hard work and time spend.. last 1 to go..

Takashirei - 1 year ago

A big thumbs up for #togo817! Keep pushing to higher grounds!

peterteo - 1 year ago

Congrats to all who completed the Togo Challenge.

Adriansim1970 - 1 year ago

Long overdue experience sharing but overall the entire journey is unforgettable

flamechionh88 - 1 year ago

A great experience for the newbie me!

Hieraglyph - 1 year ago

My first bike challenge ever. Cool and addicted. Continue with 1117

Ss2111 - 1 year ago

First time taking part in this event, and i am glad that i am able to be a finisher, will be an elite next time

Yong Kang - 1 year ago

I think I love it!

wongkokchieat - 1 year ago

awesome !! never rode so much in such a short time
targeting top 10 next

fastfrag1981 - 1 year ago

This is a tough and tiring challenge indeed....

alana07 - 1 year ago

First time, good experience with Togo817!

Shinjifei18 - 1 year ago

I really enjoyed this event. Although shorter than TOGO1080 (which was the first event I participated), I still rejoiced in accomplishing TOGO817. I finished it just in time, too! :P

Can't wait to sign up for next events soon. :)

P.S., also excited to suit my new jersey. Hahaha!

FASTBLADER - 1 year ago

Keep up the good work

Kurenai_19 - 1 year ago

Very challenging! It pushed me to my limit.

Lomar - 1 year ago

Great riding! Would join more such events

hayashisc - 1 year ago

It was a fun and fulfilling event and a sense of elation when completing the distance well ahead of time. Forza #Togoparts

Pabloiceman - 1 year ago

Good motivation to get myself out to cycle

neretzek - 1 year ago

Overall a great experience!!!

slayerlee - 1 year ago

Great experience and Nice to chase the Challenge!

salams - 1 year ago

Two down! The groups helped a lot, off and on rides. I made it into Elite earlier than I expected which was nice. I participated in a team effort for the achievements and made even more new friends! Another memorable experience. Thanks to TOGO for the event.

Greybach - 1 year ago

nice quality event jersey.

Weiyap.tan79@gmail.com - 1 year ago

This Has Helped Me To Keep Cycling To Stay Healthy.
Gonna Work Harder In #TOGO1117.

Jaytks - 1 year ago

Excellent event to get people really into cycling. Well done!

GCKING - 1 year ago

This challenge urged me to get out more to ride, and even do multiple-day bike packing. Fabulous experience.

sultan_penang82 - 1 year ago

Encourage and push people to go out cycling

Carynator - 1 year ago

good training and good for team work build

mobilderek - 1 year ago

at last completed on time

gmalvin - 1 year ago

An awesome event to take part in..

weilie_23 - 1 year ago

Despite of the hiccups in the beginning of the challenge, I am grateful that I am able to complete #TOGO817 challenge!

BensonTing - 1 year ago

Very tiring yet very amazing experience to get the elite finisher. Managed to finish it on time even sometimes weather is not so friendly.

eyaquino - 1 year ago

It's funny to see people go crazy!

bernieabella - 1 year ago

Fantastic experience! But unlike #togo1050 where I achieved elite distance, this time I was stuck with work commitments and was able to do 817 km. Thank you.

Dommon - 1 year ago

TOGO817 challenge came in the right time when I was trying to lose my excess weight. It helped me in eventually becoming successful in my endeavors. Not only did it help me to have a discipline in my cycling but I learnt a thing or two to use in my every day life as well..Thanks Togoparts for conducting such a mass event successfully! Cheers!

hellrokr - 1 year ago

1st event for me, good to challenge your own limits.

Lim suk ngo - 1 year ago

It was a meaningful and rewarding experience participating in the event with my wife. We got to know a few like-minded riders as well.

tanchink - 1 year ago

Its the 2nd event for me for the year and looking forward for the 3rd and final to complete the season

amadocastro - 1 year ago

Brings cyclists closer together. Made many new friends and settled into new exercise routine. Rode into Malaysia. Rode at dawn. Rode at night. Rode in the rain. Rode in the hot sun. Rode alone. Rode with friends. Challenged myself and completed the 817km. Great experience!

fhhog - 1 year ago

Togo1117, here we go again :)

ronnielew - 1 year ago


DHANASEKARAN - 1 year ago

Good 817km and to push my own limits

quixoticx - 1 year ago

mind set will change with any event you take part.

SunnY Teo - 1 year ago

Good training for this event

Xg3niisx - 1 year ago

My 1st time to join TOGO817! Glad that I am able to finish 817 as I was not in town for 2 weeks

KennieTiong - 1 year ago

It was nice. It motivates you to cycle at least once or twice a week.

ehaps - 1 year ago

Thanks a lot for adding us to your family of cycling. That was fantastic doing the same in your website.

Prasad_S - 1 year ago

nice challenge, now im stronger already

heeleewen - 1 year ago

Good reasons to go out more.

YNP - 1 year ago

Fun, enjoyable. Going for 1117km.

Ken LI - 1 year ago

As always, AWESOMELY CHALLENGING!!! ????????????????????????

ivanshopper - 1 year ago

A great motivation to cycle more ! Awesome !

spider_manz - 1 year ago

Good experience, good motivation to cycle more!

Ayamman - 1 year ago

posting here allows me to download certificate?

triton - 1 year ago

Thanks to Togoparts for organising this event. I really enjoyed it!

ruckus.lilypad - 1 year ago

Motivation to pedal hard! Great experience

rychiz13 - 1 year ago

Thank you for the challenge

thibaultw - 1 year ago

Love the experience with CCK buddies and togoparts. Finishing jersey is in good quality. Will join and support togopart again......

annalee - 1 year ago

Greatl experience and excellent event.

skyccy - 1 year ago

It was a wonderful experience, to fulfill that distance and earned the Finisher's T

dardaiz - 1 year ago

Just do it.. no excuse

simpsons - 1 year ago

No goodie bag. Cannot buy Finisher jersey. Why?

So disappointed. No more Togo for me next year.

EdmundChew - 1 year ago

Another successful event by togoparts

AVENTUS - 1 year ago

Good experience. Really improved my fitness.

mtunlinn - 1 year ago

Awesome awesome awesome awesome ride

Patporsh - 1 year ago

I didn't expect I could finish such challenge but I'm glad I did! :)

anjelahganda - 1 year ago

My First riding competition participation and the experience was wonderful, i cant express in words i just love it.

NiteshJillundra - 1 year ago

Hope there will be women's jersey next year.

Lhsia - 1 year ago

having alot of fun cycling with community

jason_lai5 - 1 year ago

Another nice challenge of the year !! Well done Togo !

avinlee - 1 year ago

nice event...let me can keep challenge

Trevos kwan - 1 year ago

This event made me fall in love with cycling again even though I did 99% of my rides just by myself. It's been an amazing experience! see you all in 1117 finish line!

roadbug - 1 year ago

Accident ont the first day and last day of my ride with lots of hiccups in both work and family but hey I pulled through. This is not just a challenge of strength but endurance of both mind and body! It always seems impossible till it's done so don't ever give up, just keep peddling & u will make it to Elite!

Kim Wong - 1 year ago

Really have to be discipline or you will just end up rushing nearer to the due date and regret it.

ChaoyiTeoh - 1 year ago

Greatl experience and excellent support from the admin team

bbryantza - 1 year ago

It was an enjoyable experience pushing myself further to meet the challenge's objectives while at the same time having some fun along the way.

henrylim21 - 1 year ago

Togo817 was a good initiative, a good challenge. It encourage and motivates me to cycle more than the usual. helping me to keep fit and be healtier.

Kelvin Chua - 1 year ago

Was fun riding with the groups. Excited to do 1117km

Ryan Yang - 1 year ago

Another great challenge, my third challenge joined and third elite. Now enjoying the last one for this year!

MARIOR - 1 year ago

Thanks for organizing this Event!

krzbanas - 1 year ago

cant wait for next year

shatteredeye - 1 year ago

Very hardworking folks to make sure everything is seamless and smooth. Well sonw.

Ryder88 - 1 year ago

Good challenge to motivate us to cycle for healthy lifestyle,

floydfloat - 1 year ago

Nice challenges. Good rides. Good and bad memories.

anjosh22 - 1 year ago

Thanks the event that made me ride more.

JaceT - 1 year ago

Pros: Swollen Thighs, Faster rolling
Cons: Realising you have too much time

gphofficial - 1 year ago

This was a wonderful experience. It helped me push myself to ride consistently. This was the first time I rode the distance I did and I will always remember this as an event that helped me discover my own mindset and limitations. Thank you!

vidyac - 1 year ago

Togo817 was challenging but very doable. I usually ride during weekends, but when it rained during my cycling time, I had to make up for it during the weekday. Upon completing the challenge, I found that I've lost some weight. I defiantly would encourage those who are thinking of joining to sign up.

acsimon - 1 year ago

Loved loved loved this challenge!!

Preetimohan - 1 year ago

it give me motivation to keep moving to clock my milages

kevinznet - 1 year ago

Its an experience to complete the challenge. Most of all, it's just another reason to ride.

tariq alsagoff - 1 year ago

Joining #TOGO817 challenge is truly a great experience for me. I really need to push my limits to be able to meet the elite target.
Other than the obvious physical benefits (stronger stamina and lost a few kgs) I also learned better priority and time management skills that really helped improving my daily life.
And in the end, this challenge made me love cycling even more!

marcelmuliawan - 1 year ago

Didn't think I could do it, but I did - albeit with sacrifices of other activities along the way. A shoutout to my awesome teammates of Team Speed Rocket, plus those who have accompanied me along my many rides. #togoslavery #togoslave

Eruaina - 1 year ago

Couldn't believe I've reached the elite level. It was not easy but I learned to love my bike more. Ride safe everyone! Cheers!

Strato - 1 year ago

This is the challenge that makes me cycling all the way..Love it!

jumianto - 1 year ago

TOGO817 is the first challenge I joined out of curiosity. I wanted to know how far I can push my limit to complete it. The result actually surprised me. I managed to complete the challenge with my heavy MTB.

Signing up for the challenge is an encouragement on its own. I was motivated to wake up early in the morning just to get on the saddle to clock in the distance and ride on to breathe the fresh air and see the sunrise.

A few weeks of these motivated activities gave me stronger legs, better stamina, more focus, and healthier body and mind. I even noticed a significant reduction in my waist size.

Overall, I am really glad I chanced upon TOGO817 challenge and registered for it. Thank you TOGOPARTS.COM for arranging these challenges.

Next up, TOGO1117 here I come. Ride safe and keep rolling.

foxroque - 1 year ago

A great test of will power and sheer determination

Alfa1972 - 1 year ago

It encouraged me to cycle more and more! Will join again in future challenges.

harlanddc - 1 year ago

Train more well on endurance n speed =p

TMJ - 1 year ago

mo ngomong apa ya... rodo males.. nggapleki...

xanadu - 1 year ago

Now I felt challenge on every cycling like every day is a competition day

zulfakar - 1 year ago

Good experience and motivate me to keep on pedaling

ronex - 1 year ago

Completed! Started well and completed early. Unexpected events stalled bulk of the period towards Elite attempts, however I'm satisfied and relieved that everything including this #TOGO817 finisher target turns out well. Next #TOGO1117 challenge accepted! Let's roll!!!

mountainbear - 1 year ago

1st experience of Togo challenge

didigustaf - 1 year ago

2nd part of the year challenge, failed to pursue elite due to work trips (xero excuse) time to hit back the saddle for 2517! keep rollin

limz - 1 year ago

Nothing much to say as I was too busy during this period.

simsl77 - 1 year ago

Fun riding with my group riders.

E - 1 year ago

Had a great time riding with kakis!

ChroniclesOLife - 1 year ago

Been a good, physically draining, mentally exhausting and crazy #Togo817. Thank you for the opportunity to challenge the achievements and to achieve one of them is an honor. Thank you Togoparts! Looking forward to #Togo1117!

sgayanami - 1 year ago

It was a great challenge tho there has been some hiccups on my distance recorded. Nevetheless, it's a challenge that keeps one motivated to ride on ?

mal_ali - 1 year ago

Sad to go down to turf club today empty handed just because I did not RSVP my jersey. I had tried many times with the link you sent me but fail to log in ...

taychorkwang - 1 year ago

Great ride! Gruelling race against time!

suhaimi6495 - 1 year ago

Now I can say, been there, done that!

You will not run out of challenges in #TOGOX events. You can aim for those Individual and Team Achievements or set your personal goals and work to beat it. You can race with the cyclist above and below you (even they don't know it) or you can try to dethrone the KING of TOGOX, uncletamiya.

My rewards after completing #TOGO817 Challenge; 21st Finisher, Rank 17 Elite Finisher, 2765 km of beautiful scenery, lost 5 kg & 1-size waistline, new acquaintances and a nice Elite jersey.

To all cyclist out there, keep pedaling and keep safe. God bless us!

Aljhunbel - 1 year ago

TOGO817 was my first virtual race and I really love it. The challenge is not to beat other participants but to beat yourself. To wake up early in the morning and ride 50-100 km everyday is hard if you just getting started. I'm glad that I completed the challenge.
See you next year!

lonelynomad - 1 year ago

1st time in many years that my Total Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol is in healthy range which surprise me after joining Togo517 to mid-way of Togo817. Am so glad for such challenge that push me to exercise regularly with nice rewards too ;=)

knightskid - 1 year ago

1st time in many years that my Total Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol is in healthy range which surprise me after joining Togo517 to mid-way of Togo817. Am so glad for such challenge that push me to exercise regularly with nice rewards too ;=)

knightskid - 1 year ago

1st time in many years that my Total Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol is in healthy range which surprise me after joining Togo517 to mid-way of Togo817. Am so glad for such challenge that push me to exercise regularly with nice rewards too ;=)

knightskid - 1 year ago

1st time in many years that my Total Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol is in healthy range which surprise me after joining Togo517 to mid-way of Togo817. Am so glad for such challenge that push me to exercise regularly with nice rewards too ;=)

knightskid - 1 year ago

I took up the challenge of #togo817 Elite, and thankfully made it, with 7 weeks of mostly dry weather.

Adjusted my body to wake up early every weekday and even earlier on weekends to clock the daily mileage to make up 2017km was mind blowing. Family time was never compromised

Especially I did not took leave to cycle, or do hamster runs or RI/XI on weekends was puzzling enough to get the distance.

Praise Jesus that I was blessed with good weather, good health, no accidents and injuries to cycle when I plan to.

Hence to all who wanted to try elite, its possible to be done without affecting your family time. Its just take a good plan, Jesus intervention and lots of heart and desire to do it.

Of course you need a band of heavenly brothers and sisters to cheer you along the journey.

tumtham - 1 year ago

This is my first ever cycling event, so I'm very happy to finish at 5th position.
It is especially sweet since I rode with much more challenge as I rode a very basic mountain bike with no disc brakes or shock absorbers. Neither did I ride with cycling wear since I didn't have one (not that I couldn't afford just that I decided do with what i have).

During the course of this crazy journey I encountered a few bike problems but more importantly i learnt many things - Riding on road is so much safer than on sidewalk, surprised myself with the endurance I had, made the most with my basic MTB, discovered new places in Singapore which otherwise wouldn't have gone, received a summon from traffic police and then got to know the exact road rules for cyclists and finally made many online friends who encouraged with kudos and kind comments on Strava.

I now have a great story to tell someone in the future of my 51 day/night adventure on the roads of Singapore. Much credit goes to togoparts for organizing this endurance event.

[Added after the finishers event] - @Togoparts - If you are only going to have prizes for the top-3 why bother having an achievement that says top-10. Simply call it as top-3. Pretty misleading and disappointing to those like me who went as far as we have, only to get a paper copy of the digital certificate in the end.

blrvenkat - 1 year ago

While solo rides are great, my best times on the bike often involve group rides with friends. Thanks to #TOGO817. So glad I signed up. Plus cycling is great for networking in ways that few other sports are...

ezanneng - 1 year ago

#Togo817 was my 1st event i joined which allows me to test how far i could go.
I really like this experience and i participate for #Togo1117km after i completed #Togo817.

iverson - 1 year ago

It's a challenging ride, surely will join togo1117~

nicholas1984 - 1 year ago

817 seem like lot of dishonest rides.... so sad

IMEL.26 - 1 year ago

Its great that the extention of the time period to complete the challenge. 1st attempt, not the last. Admin team very responsive to equiries.

johngoh922 - 1 year ago

Kudos to my team and the rest who ride hard for their ownself challenge . Is great to see the cycling community engaged in this challenge . Well done everyone . See you next challenge

ivan9888 - 1 year ago

Was the 1st Attempt on the Challenge, met many new riders and found a lot more kakis around my area. Has been a pleasure to join this ride and Made new friends. Congrats to those that gotten elite. To those that didn't, don't feel bad. You can try once again in togo1117. All the Best.

LSW - 1 year ago

1st attempt. completed. fell short of elite

MarcKoh - 1 year ago

Motivated by kilometres and calories > <

orangejulz - 1 year ago

Very Competitive, but fun - mostly :-)

Maritimo - 1 year ago

I am very proud of the team and hard effort we have been doing

kresnawan - 1 year ago

Been a pleasure to ride with good cycling friends throughout the event. Will do it again in the near future.

Louisville - 1 year ago

Riding with Kakis and look at the beautiful thing during ride is wonderful, cycling is freedom! pedal more to move forward.

chiatming - 1 year ago

LokeCK - 1 year ago

Togo817 challenge, it's full of fun and enjoyments riding with cycling buddies / team mates and Togo817 participants for through out this challenge. I am glad all able to achieve their goals safely. Always remember to keep a positive attitude and keep on pedaling regardless whatever external negative impact on during your cycling journey... Never give up and keep on smiling ?!

uncletamiya - 1 year ago

I've never thought I would be able to achieve 817km, not to mention 2017km, given my slacker attitude in the past. I would like to thank my team mates from CCK cyclists who pushed me physically and mentally. Heart you guys.

Betty_Ahboo - 1 year ago

One of the toughest challenge I have been through so far
Injuries, mechanical issues, technological issues, just name it...
Never give up, never give in to pressure
Challenge oneself to overcome them
KUDOs to my team of Spin Doctors!!!
Looking forward to the next one: Togo1117

bakashi - 1 year ago

This was my first TOGO challenge after moving from Melbourne to Singapore. After building up capacity and strength in the humid conditions, I decided to compete. Had an absolute ball meeting so many awesome, dedicated and friendly cyclists along the way! When I arrived, I didn't think SG had a big cycling culture and I'm glad to disprove that theory. Loved every minute, TOGO, keep doing your thing to promote cycling in SG. I'd like to thank my Team Speed Rocket for the enjoyable time, especially Allan, Iva, Keith, Daryl, Ivan, Grace, ShaSha, Jackie, Pierre and Roy. Would also like to shout out to other riders I have met along the way with MBG rides, Tuas 1st Sept ride, and other groups i have joined. Looking forward to 1117, although I am away for most of it i will aim for standard finisher. Loved the challenge, enjoyed it thoroughly ????????????????

becstar - 1 year ago

Great experience, enjoyed riding with everyone. On to the next one!

DanLanglois - 1 year ago

817 is my 3 Togo event. This time I build a team in the challenge. We ride hard and have a lot of fun. Is fun with the team doing team challenge. Hopefully see all in Togo 1117.

garyong72 - 1 year ago

It's been a nice catching up mileages with the team as away on 3 week of business trip.

fossils1234 - 1 year ago

Good experience. Helped motivate me to ride as much as possible for commuting and this will help contribute to greener lifestyle.

Marktan1 - 1 year ago

It was my first togo ...nv think I m able to finish it n yet I did it in 2wks for 817km..i m so proud of myself so is my children

Irenepeipei - 1 year ago

You get to experience rides that get you out of your comfort zone :)

dickiedear - 1 year ago

Grueling, but I had so much fun!

Mervincheang - 1 year ago

An awesome elite jersey design and a collectors item. I have became stronger from 817. Thank You Togoparts.

Timmyz37 - 1 year ago

Always plan and schedule out your timing and dates so that you can plan ahead to complete such challenge.

terencetan1978 - 1 year ago

thanks togo817 have a great experience and good memories

kybike - 1 year ago

My team Spin Doctors and I have enjoyed this Togo817 event very much and pushed ourselves to new height. Our competitors are ourselves and we cycled with dignity and integrity. We encountered a few challenges but we tackled it with much encouragement and all team members care for each other and provided sound advice. The Batam BARELANG challenge was very challenging but we made it as a team. This cycling event has improved our health and we burned off some fat (need a new wardrobe) and we got to know each other better and know a few more cyclists - widen network of friends. Thank you Togoparts who organized this event and we look forward to Togo1117 challenge with an energized body.

jsckoo2016 - 1 year ago