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Good evening Participants! We are pleased to announce that the Leaderboard has been finalized! You will be receiving an email soon with your Rank!

Achievement winners will also be notified separately as well.

We understand that there is an ongoing dispute on the legitimacy of the Hour Record (Male) Achievement. Investigations are still ongoing and relevant parties will be contacted to provide a full account of their thoughts.

Also, we would like to thank participants for giving feedback on how certain aspects can be improved. We are always looking for ways to make these Challenges fun and engaging and all your feedback are greatly valued and appreciated. Do expect to see some changes in the upcoming Challenges!

To summarise, all Leaderboards are finalized with the lone exception of the Hour Record (Male) Achievement. Do expect to receive an email from us soon stating your Rank, and the Achievements you have won (if any)

Do remember to RSVP if you are coming down to the Finisher Event this coming Saturday, 9th Sep 2017, 2pm - 6pm!

We hope that you have had a fruitful experience from taking part in the challenge and hope to see you again in the upcoming #TOGO1117 and #TOGOHALF Challenges! Thank you!

Cheer for your team or anyone here!

I have been waiting patiently for the quad lock for TOGO817. OUT OF STOCK FOR MORE THAN 2 MONTHS, it's getting a bit ridiculous to just wait and not get any more updates on the matter but seeing all the sales and promotions that are going on. Not very encouraging sign for us to carry on participating.
- kenjoe2016 , 3 years ago

#TOGO817 on

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