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Posted on: 4th Aug 2016 4:09 PM

It has been brought to my attention from one of my customers that these wheels that I am selling are replica from counterfeit fake, ect. He registered an account on 3rd Aug in TGP, post useless posts so he could leave feedback just to leave a bad feedback on my 15 year old account. He ALSO defame me on carousell calling me a scammer.

To that person who is still to defame me:

1. First off, to answer your questions, FFWD wheels do come in DTSwiss 350s logo, just do a search on google with the words "FFWD 350s" and then click on "images" you will see a lot. There is also a serial number engraved on the valve hole. You can send it to the UK, at your own cost. This is a parallel imported wheel, and that explains the price that I am offering. With the level of support that I can personally deliver, precise wheel truing and even precise tension balancing of the spokes, servicing of the hubs INCLUDING bearing extraction/change/upgrade, i do not see why you need to send it back because the next problem that you will face would be a rim issue, in which MOST if not ALL wheel makers MAY not cover. I am able to deliver above mentioned professional services but I do not advertise them. Do you know how much will it cost to ship a wheel to the UK? And I DID say worst case scenario would be sending it back. If there's a problem we will try to fix it first, would that be what most warranty can offer?

2. The Wheelbag comes with a Card Slot. It is on the other side, Which I did not show you because of your rude and interrogating nature. Your intention wasn't to buy, but to create trouble. I ignored you because you were harassing me.

3. Yes they do come with Swiss Stop brake pads, by DTswiss. Does that justify that these wheels are fake? You parallel import cars they don't come with original rims = fake?

4. If anyone of you have doubts, I am ready to accompany you to your trusted bikeshop to verify. I have nothing to hide from, and I STRONGLY stand by the FACT that these wheels are authentic. This guy still remains behind keyboard.

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