On-One Bikebags 2006

On-One  Bikebags  2006

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Brand: On-One
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: Wheeled Bags! | In stock now, for a ridiculous price, these are just crazy value. Not only do you get the big bag, but also a tool roll and two wheelbags! Interior is blue, tough fabric, and wheels are superb quality. The picture shows Mr Richards attempting to hail a taxi in a wood... a bit pointless, but bikebags are awful to shoot. We'll have another try another day. | | We're selling on their own, or in twos. | | | Weight? | Bikebags are padded to protect your bike. They weigh around 7kg each. | | They are all the same as the original Planet X bikebag. Sometimes copied, never equalled, but often (in case you wonder) rebranded for other people with our consent. | | Consisting of a huge padded bag with external dimensions 127 x 80 x 25cm, the bag contains internal pockets for your wheels, reinforced with high impact plastic at the centres to stop the hubs punching holes in the outside. | | Pockets for your skewers, pedals and other kit are also included. | | It will take any sort of mountainbike - even dual crown forked downhill or freeride frames. We've even had 2 road frames in there. You can pack all your stuff for holiday in one bag, but that's never sensible incase the airport lose it. | | Pease note: this is a highly padded bag and won't pack down to fit in a rucksack. Treat your bike like it needs to be treated. | | Weight - around 7kg - though bear in mind you rarely get them weighed as you just whisk them to "outsize baggage".

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