DMT  Ultimax Matrix RSX (TWIN-COMPONENT SOLE)  2006

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Brand: DMT
Category: Cycling Shoes

Description: SOLE - The sole was specifically designed by DMT to offer the best possible in technically challenging off-road conditions. The soles are made from two differing components to offer excellent rigidity, and to keep the shoe stable under any condition. | | HARD WEARING MICRO-FIBER UPPERS - The uppers on the MATRIX RSX are hard-wearing and light. They are made from micro-fibres with numerous nylon-mesh inserts, to allow the feet to breathe and improve overall health. | | ENERGY-STRAP-CONTROL - Ultimax MATRIX RSX shoes are fitted with Energy-Strap-Control closure system. The one-piece heel strap features a built-in micro ratchet closure system. Two velcro straps hold the foot securely and firmly, thus preventing movement inside the shoe that can affect comfort and performance. | | STRUCTURAL RIGIDITY - The heel area is particularly rigid to provide the shoe with improved structural strength, and better safety when pedalling.

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