DMT Flash (Carbon) 2006

DMT  Flash (Carbon)  2006

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Brand: DMT
Category: Cycling Shoes

Description: CARBON SOLE - The 100% carbon fibre sole (SLHC ? Supra Light Hardened Carbon sole) with an aerodynamic profile is designed to bring the feet in ever-closer contact with the pedals. The light but rigid characteristics guarantee optimal riding performance. | | INNOVATIVE UPPERS FEATURES = SL-SF CONCEPT (SEAMLESS + SOCK-FIT-CONCEPT) - The uppers and tongue in hard-wearing, light micro-fibre have no seams or overlapping. This feature makes them especially comfortable and removes potential pressure points in critical areas, like at the big and little toes. DMT's aim in this design, was quite simply to offer a seamless shoe that wraps around the foot like a sock. The many perforations on the uppers allow the feet to breathe, and sweat to easily evaporate. | | MICRO-RATCHET CLOSURE - The one-piece heel strap features a built-in micro ratchet closure system. Two velcro straps hold the foot securely and firmly, and features "flexible locking" to allow the application of full power under race conditions (the foot is prevented from moving while inside the shoe, which can result in the loss of comfort. | | REINFORCED 2X DENSITY-CONTROL - DMT shoes have been specially designed to allow optimal performance, without any loss of comfort under stress. For this reason, the closure system is made from materials of differing densities that react in different ways to the ankle, and assures perfect closure with no niggling problems. | | MAXIMUM LIGHTNESS - Thanks to the use of highly sophisticated materials and innovative assembly methods, these shoes weigh only 270 grams but still offer the best performance and comfort characteristics that are by now, a byword for DMT shoes.

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