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Brand: Mavic
Category: Cycling Shoes
Weight: 270g

Description: FIT, COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE WITHOUT BREAKING BUDGET | | Not every rider wants a completely rigid shoe all the time and if endurance is more your thing then comfort is going to be as big a factor as power transfer. | | And that’s what makes Ksyrium Pro such a good choice. The carbon composite outsole provides excellent rigidity when you do need to step on the power, but it also allows your feet to move naturally throughout your ride. | | Meanwhile the Endofit™ tongue surrounds your foot giving you what we call The Glove Effect. This ‘glove’ also means the tongue can’t move around in the shoe so it won’t slide sideways during a ride. And holding everything in place is the Ergo dial lacing system and Ergo strap, which combine to give you great support with easy, accurate adjustment.

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