Lizard Skins Grunge Guard 2001

Lizard Skins  Grunge Guard  2001

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Brand: Lizard Skins
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: Keeps your derailleur clean and does not interfere with shifting. No disassembly required.

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Filthy Rich Rider

" Scratchy Rear Derailluer NO MORE!! "

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Reviewed on: 27th Jul 2005 from Yio Chu Kang Singapore

The Review
got this when i was on a business trip in thailand. This guard has been in the market for quite some time but SG just doesn't seems to have any. The rubber prevent ya precious rear dee from getting scratches, i won't say the rear dee will not get damage in an event of a crash but probably minimised.

With the guard, u can jolly well leave the bike lying around & not worrying about getting the rear dee scratched.

a wet muddy ride will also keeps the rear dee clean. it's fixed & forget what rear dee have u been using.

-easy to install.
-keep debris away from the derailluer.
-Doesn't really affect the shiftings.
-no worries even it's a wet ride.

Availability in SG.
U have to apply come grease in the guard to ease the shifting of the derailluer.

Duration of product used
3 months

Bike Setup
Santa Cruz Bullit 2003

Similar Products Tried
none, it's one & only. unless u wanna try wrapping ya rear dee with tubes.

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