Identiti Rohloff ADS Dropouts 2012

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Brand: Identiti
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: for current ADS Identiti frames. | CNC Alloy 6.5mm thick. | Black anodised. | Sold Each. | | Rohloff Speedhub dropouts. | Tweaked version of the original ADS dropouts – with a reinforced longer Left hand jaw to accept Rohloff OEM axle plates and a neat non-hanger Right hand jaw. | This set allows you to fit a Rohloff Speedhub in conjuction with Rohloff OEM axle plates – therefore avoiding the need to use Torque arms or Speed bones. | Thus creating a VERY neat and economic Speedhub set-up. | Rohloff ADS plates are compatible with all current Identiti ADS frames. | | A.D.S. Adjustable Dropout System; | An Identiti innovation feature that allows the rider to horizontally move the rear axle position to set chain tension, which is a real bonus if you are running single speed or perhaps a Rohloff Speedhub. | Not only is this simple and secure using the integral threaded ‘chain tugs’, but as the axle moves, so does the Disc mount... keeping everything in perfect line… all of the time. | Furthermore, as the dropouts themselves are almost vertical, there is no risk of wheel torque slippage in the dropout under heavy load, which means you can even use QR skewers. | Nor do you have to consider removing the Disk brake caliper if you are removing the wheel, as the wheel comes out down and forwards, not backwards. Finally, because removing the wheel doesn’t require any messing with the chain tension adjustment, when you fit the wheel back in…it goes back in perfect chain tension… just as it was before you removed it. | Bonus point for the Identiti ADS is that all of the ‘vulnerable’ parts of the dropout (disc mounts, axle slots, main fixing bolts threads etc..) are all part of the ADS dropouts – and therefore, easily replaced in event of a ‘problem’.

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