Zipp Zipp Valve Extensions 2009

Zipp  Zipp Valve Extensions  2009

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Brand: Zipp
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: Yes, we even obsess about valve extenders. Ours feature a 3mm hex broach in the barrel to guarantee a perfect seal when tightened and a raised, machined head with a slight bevel to ease installation of the pump head. | | Note: Valve extensions require careful installation, so we highly recommend pre-installing them on your spare tires and tubes before your race. | | Sizes and wheel sets: 27mm (1.05") for older (red) 202 wheel sets33mm (1.3") for 303 and new 202 (32mm) dimpled wheel sets48mm (1.9") for 404 dimpled wheel sets74mm (2.9") for dimpled 808 wheel sets98.26mm (3.9") for dimpled 1080 wheel sets

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