Zipp VukaClip 2009

Zipp  VukaClip  2009

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Brand: Zipp
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: If you're going to make a base bar, you might as well make it as light, strong, and aero as possible. That's what we were thinking when we made the VukaBull. It weighs just 195 grams (42cm o-o) but passed EFBe's toughest fatigue test with 30% more torque than is typically applied. And it utilizes an innovative shape that can be rotated as much as 5 degrees up or down while maintaining optimum aerodynamics. But we should also mention that it's budget-compatible for most everyone in the time trial and triathlon sets. There's really no downside to the VukaBull. | | | Sizes (out-out): 42 | Weight (SS 42 cm): 195g | Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm | Clip Compatible: Yes

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