Tire Sealant - Lawn and Garden 2009  Tire Sealant - Lawn and Garden  2009

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Description: Recommended for all tubeless tires: Wheelbarrows, ATVs, lawnmowers, golf carts, tractors, handcarts, car tires, truck tires, scooters, mountain bikes, etc. | Can also be used in tubes with removable valve cores. | | Directions: | Adding sealant: Remove the valve core and inject the proper amount of sealant into your tire or tube (See chart below) using our Injector or 2 oz (60ml) refill bottle. These can be used on any Schrader or Presta valve that has a removable core. | Re-inflate: Re-inflate your tire to your recommended pressure and rotate to seal any leaks. The sealant must touch the puncture so the air pressure can force the sealant into the hole. | Note: In a few months time if you get a puncture that does not seal, simply add more sealant. No need to remove your tire and install a patch. Stan?s Tire Sealant ?The Solution? will continue to seal punctures as long as it remains in a fluid form, sealing thousands of holes.

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