KCNC DB2 2009

KCNC  DB2  2009

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Brand: KCNC
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: 1. This product is fully Hydraulic designed disk brakes, installation operate no differenc from generally . | | 2. Procedure of adding oil: release screw from the cover and also rubber oil ring before to oil then replace rubber oil ring and fasten the cover. Check again if leaking oil, if yes, please check again if oil rign is right position. | | 3.Lingings is generally available from market, please be sure same as HISS Lingings. | | 4. Installation of brakes oil. If found gas inside of tube, this will reduce the function of brakes, please relase the gas. | | 5. Please change immediately if notice Oil line fitting is leaking oil. | | 6. Please follow the operat procedure as indicated, Random changing other accessories and result in function is beyone company's responsibility. | | | DB2 Character: | | 1. Disk Brakes remain its function under high temperature. | | 2. Easy to keep up, lightless, light product, no jammed occure when disc brakesk is working. | | 4. Rotary-able oil line fittings, this will decrease the damage. | | 5. Metel, easy notice if oil is less than standard and to oil. | | 6. Waterproof disc brakes oil, high temperature resistence. Under emergency, soldem to very little water is also allowed to keep function. | | 7. To oil, the only procedure is to pull the oil ring. This is more convenience than others. | | Weight:895 Grams | | Front cable:750mm | | Rear cable:1400mm | | Rotor disc:160,180mm available

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