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Hi All,

By understanding how scammer works, we can keep them away.

Do not be fooled by local numbers, local bank account, and local invoice.

Scammers use 'Money Mule' to get the local bank account. They offer some local a job to give them a local bank account. For example, the victim transfers $ 1000 to the local account, then the account owner sends $900 to the scammer and keeps $100 as a fee. 

This attracts many mullers, who are normally students or fooled lovers. However, this is an offence, similar to money laundering. The police will eventually chase local money mullers. The scammers who are outside Singapore remain free.


We need to understand the scammer tactic. The local bank account doesn't mean it is safe. Once the money is transferred outside Singapore, it will be difficult to get it back.

Do not disclose your bank account
Do not believe any invoice - easily manipulated.
Do not believe local numbers - Just call using normal lines, sure uncontactable (don't use WhatsApp to call, use normal line).

If they give you IC - sure stolen IC.

If you get scammed 1 time, stop there, do not fall into multiple or continuous scams. Make police report immediately.

Typical pattern: 
Send initial payment.
Minutes later - ask you to send full
Minutes later - ask you to send VAT/Insurance
Minutes later/days later - ask you to send shipping cost
Days later - Ask you to send immigration cost.
Etc. etc.

Typical excuses: Forget to add the fee, scolded by his boss, etc.

Be safe All.


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