Topic: 27th Oct '17 Day Ride: SG-JB- Kota Tinggi- Sungei Rengit- Tanjong Belungkor Terminal

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Greetings all Riders. Organizing a ride on 27th OCT 2017. So far there are 5 of us.
Details below.

The ride is split into 2 portions.

MEETING POINT: MANDAI AVENUE/SEMBAWANG ROAD JUNCTION at 5am. We would like to be in JOHOR by 6am and start the ride proper. There will be no waiting so please practice punctuality.


1. SG border to Restaurants at Sungei Rengit (112KM)

    Mindpoint is approx 60km to Kota Tinggi.

NO LINK as the route keeps correcting itself on GOGGLE MAPS. 


Then head back South onto ROUTE 92 Jalan Kota Tinggi- Pengerang

We expect to get to Sungei Rengit by 1130am latest and will target an average speed of 25km as we aren’t that familiar with the terrain. Should you decide to go at a faster speed, do wait up at the midway point or major junctions (that i suspect you will figure out as will the rest of us). Thus far, all are taking Roadbikes hence one is discouraged from bringing a foldie.

We expect to do a negative split for the first 60km of the 112k segment to KOTA TINGGI, there will be opportunity to top up fluids and so on. We will then hit the final 52km a little harder- within reason and without "killing" ourselves.

2. Restaurant to Fast Craft Terminal (36km)


Please note that there is only 1 service at 630pm and the ride will take an estimated 30mins to arrive at Changi Ferry Terminal at 7pm.

Kindly reserve your tickets here and REMEMBER TO ADD YOUR BIKE.



If however there are time constraints on your end, you can take a bumboat back- please also note that this is subject to 12 passengers otherwise the Boatmen would not budge and one has to arrive at the terminal by 230pm latest. Just in case there are no services due to it being a weekday.

That route is here below. This takes you to Changi Ferry Terminal (At Changi Village)

Restaurant to Bumboat (22km)


 Personal Logistics

Other than currency, we will each be carrying 2 spare tubes each and patch kits. You can travel sans bike pump as we will have that already.

The typical passport and food to feed along the ride you probably know better than us.

Sunblock, wet tissues, sunglasses, arm sleeves, waterproof bags for phone etc etc...

Prep Rides

Currently, we are doing a long ride on Saturday every weekend till the 27th Oct so that leaves us with 1 more. Maybe on Deepavali 18th Oct, we would add another. We usually meet at either the now defunct Long House at Thomson Road or Casurina Road Carpark.

That’s it. Please ONLY EMAIL ME AT [email protected] as i do not check this forum.

Othewise, simply turn up at the rendezvous point at Junction of Mandai Avenue/ Sembawang Road at 5am, 27th Oct 2017.

Safe riding all.



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