Opening Special - Continental GP 4000 S2 purchase with purchase of a Full Service.

9th Dec 2018 (25174 views)
Send your bicycle in for a full service and get the wonderful all around tyre - Continental GP 4000 S2 at a special, lower than online price, of $45/each.

Full Servicing of your Road, TT/Tri, Mountain Bikes available here in downtown CBD.

What does the service include?
-29 point all-inclusive bicycle inspection
-Bolt/Torque check
-Perfect braking and shifting
-Wheel inspection and adjustment(truing)
-Remove components(groupset, contact points and bearings) to clean with solvent.
-Complete wash, detailing and polish of bicycle frame.

PRO Bicycle Servicing - Full Service by Certified Bicycle Mechanic

Still one of the best all around tyre providing excellent grip, reduced rolling resistance compared to the competition and also very durable. Available in 23mm and 25mm.

-the ideal combination of comfort, puncture protection and low rolling resistance
-perfect all-rounder for all conceivable conditions
-excellent puncture protection thanks to Vectran™ puncture protection insert 
-excellent grip, high mileage and efficient rolling thanks to BlackChili Compound

Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II - GP 4000 S2

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