New Arrival! Continental Grand Prix 5000 GP5000

28th Nov 2018 (15396 views)
It's really true, there's a new level of performance tyres in town and you can be one of the first few to roll with it.

On top of the stellar and trusted BlackChili Compound and Vectran Breaker, the following technologies will give you great comfort and uncompromised speed and longevity.

Active Comfort Technology: The revolutionary approach in cycling. Embedded in the tire construction the Active Comfort Technology absorbs vibrations and smoothens your ride.

Lazer Grip: Lazer Grip, to make you one with the road. The lazered micro profile structure expands over the tire’s shoulder and provides outstanding cornering.

Price is also lower than online stores such as CRC. Besides beating the competition, beat the long wait and queue and get them right now.

Call us now at 92302776 to get a pair.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 - 25mm

Continental Grand Prix 5000 - 28mm

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