Reynolds ARX series Carbon Wheels

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Rim Brake: AR29X, AR41X, AR58X
Disc Brake: AR29X DB, AR41X DB, AR58/62X DB

The Reynolds ARx series delivers an unmatched selection of carbon fiber wheels to offer you the perfect product capable of tracking the types of terrain and roads you ride. The ARx line of wheels carries on the heritage of our wildly popular Attack, Assault and Strike wheels with wider rim profiles optimized for modern, wider tubeless tires. Working with the wider profiles allowed our engineers to design sleek, new rim shapes that vastly improve stability in crosswinds in the deeper sectioned rims. The new ARx profiles are not only wider and faster, but they are also lighter than their Attack, Assault and Strike predecessors.

Advantages over AR
Bladed Sapim CX-Sprint spokes which are both lighter and more aerodynamic
Painted rims with water transferred graphics for a clean and subtle appearance
Lighter hubs with a sleeker overall appearance

Wide, tubeless ready rim provides better fit for higher volume tires that increase grip, lower rolling resistance and provide greater comfort
Refined, wider rim shapes have been optimized for crosswind stability at a variety of yaw angles
Features Sapim CX-Sprint bladed spokes with lightweight alloy nipples
Premium graphics offer ultra clean and subtle appearance
Equipped with fast rolling and smooth reynolds allroads hubs
Disc and rim brake specific models available
Ctg2 brake track is 30% more resistant to heat than previous models

Inner Rim Width: 19MM
Outer Rim Width: 27MM
Rim Depth: 29MM
Spokes: F20 | R24
Spoke Pattern: Front Radial | Rear 2x
Weight: from1390g onwards depending on Wheel depth
Technology: PR3, BWI
Hub: Front Reynolds Hub / Reynolds Rim Brake | Rear Reynolds Hub / Reynolds Rim Brake
Spoke Type: CX-Sprint
Nipple: External Alloy
Engagement: 10°
Pawl: 4
Decal: Black water slide
Rim: Attack Carbon Tubeless Rim Brake

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7th Oct 2020
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