Zefal, a long time player in the pump industry have been making great pumps for bicycles for decades. Zefal?s ?double-shot? pumps are among my personal recommended list of favourites. Nothing fancy about these pumps but they are very durable and easy to use. But I digress. Now back to the emergency inflatable pump I was assigned to review.

Externally, this pump looks exactly the same like those used by automobiles for emergency and should do the same job. One canister for one wheel only. The pump comes with a handy pump holder that can easily attach the canister to most frames. The holder also has a nice grip on both the can and frame with its dimpled surfaces. Not much instruction available on the hardboard backing the pump came with but like all other Zefal pumps, it shouldn?t be too hard to figure out. The pump holder can be re-cycle to hold other stuffs after the pump is used and discarded.

I went out for a ride on a tube with a small leak that was not patched yet. 10 minutes of riding was all it took to get the tube ready for the test. It doesn?t matters if you’re on a Schrader or Presta, as the pump comes equipped with an adapter for Presta valve users. With my Presta tube, I slapped on the valve and screwed the inlet on and depressed the tab on the top of the canister.

A white foam was released into the tube or tire (in a tubeless system) together with compress air to pump up the wheel too. This reminded me of smiliar systems used in automobile market. I didn?t finish the whole can and kept the remainder to try on my other tubeless wheelset should I puncture during any ride.

This emergency canister does not repair the leak totally but only managed to reduce the amount of air leak and allows you to safely get to a place where you can work on the leakage properly by patching or replacing the tube completely. Three kilometres is the distance stated on the package but I manage to ride close to 4km before my tyre gave up again. By that time, I was within walking distance to my place.

This is a rather easy to use emergency kit and it?s handy to bring along with its holder. However, if you are looking for something that will keep you riding for longer, try bringing a pump and a spare tube (if you are still using tubes).