Wheeler’s Yard City Bike & ZeHus Bike+ Review


Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while, be it to run an urgent errand or to get someone to do a favour, all of us required someone else’s assistance at some point in our life. Heck, when we were all born, we all required help from our parents or elders to take care of us, feed us, keep us clean and tidy, and chances are for the majority of us, the same assistance might be required when we get old, turn weak and are unable to take care of ourselves once again, and it’s during those times that we truly treasure and appreciate any kind effort to help us get through those tough times. Likewise with cycling, all rides are not always on level ground with smooth tarmac or paved pathways, instead we might encounter steep hill sections that need much more effort and endurance to even barely crest the peak of that hill, and during those grinding uphill climbs, you would almost always wished that you had someone gently helping to push you up the hill so that your legs don’t feel as though they are about to burst into flames!

Today, to have your bike assist you with that little bit of added power being supplied to your wheels so that you don’t have to expend all of your energy is already commonplace, with a plethora of e-bikes that are now available on the market, they might range from bikes which assist with just a tiny amount of power, just enough to enable you to not get tired and exhausted, or some e-bikes are even capable of providing 100% of the power, so that the bicycle becomes something like an electric motorcycle itself. Almost all of these sorts of e-bikes are able to have its power and speed controlled by the rider or user, much like how you would control an engine’s throttle.

The all Italian-made ZeHus Bike+ is an all in one design non plugin hybrid wheel hub that can be fitted to most hybrid bikes on the market, the device itself contains the high energy density 30V Li-ion 160Wh battery pack with smart management system, the high efficiency 250W electric motor, multiple sensors and electronics all into one compact aluminium case. The lightweight 3kg ZeHus can be controlled wirelessly by a Bluetooth connection that can be connected to any smartphone by using their specific app and the app is even able to display real time riding information such as the current speed, distance covered, slope and steepness angle, and motor power, etc. The app also allows you to customize your ride by choosing the amount of effort that you want to use while riding, by adjusting the single slider, it’s very easy to adjust the characteristics and behaviour of the bike, whether it’s to set it to having the electric motor fully assisting your pedalling, or to a very lightly assisted setting that conserves the power for essential use only, therefore greatly extending your range at the same time. The smartphone app is also used for the initial setup, configure and calibrate the Bike+ to enable it to work properly while riding, it also features an innovative feature that locks up the hub so that it can’t be ridden at all unless it is unlocked again with the smartphone app.

Wheeler’s Yard has the ZeHus Bike+ installed and paired with their very classic looking Wheeler’s Yard City bike, it is a single speeder which has a single tube design frame that’s handmade in Taiwan; the frame is made with Columbus Cro-Moly tubing and comes in four frame sizes, priced at about $3,400, with top tube lengths of 48 cm, 50 cm, 52 cm and 54 cm, but the ZeHus Bike+ hub can also be fitted to a few other different bike models that they have available, such as to their mini Velo bikes, as well as other single speed bikes, and with bike prices complete with the ZeHus Bike+ hub starting from $2,850 onwards, I’m sure that there’s a model in their catalogue that would suit any potential buyer.

The test bike that I had the pleasure to ride with for a few days had a Brooks saddle which was super comfortable to sit on, and given the upright and relaxed riding position, I could easily see myself riding this bike as a daily commute, even much longer leisurely rides during weekends along the coast will definitely be a breeze. The rides were weirdly very relaxed as the electric motor kicked in when I accelerated and it also assisted quite a lot with the uphill attempts, making the climb up the slope feel more like pedalling on level ground, it felt a bit weird at first, but I’d gladly welcome any extra help when climbing uphill! I especially loved the whining sound when the motor kicked in; it sounds a lot like a jet engine spooling up ready while attempting to take off, it’s a really very cool sound that would otherwise never be associated with anything remotely resembling a bicycle! So if anyone is keen on having a closer look and feel about what all the buzz and hype for this bike and hub is, then you might want to contact Wheeler’s Yard, and maybe grab some snacks and drinks while visiting them at the same time.

Zehus products are exclusively distributed by:
Wheeler’s Yard
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