Founded in Treviso Italy by Rudy Barbazza in 1985, Rudy Project has been a global leader for sports eyewear for over 30 years, and apart from performance sunglasses, Rudy Project also develops, manufactures and sells helmets, goggles and prescription solutions worldwide, and their products are of the highest technical levels in the industry, exhibiting only the best of high quality excellence, cutting edge technologies and revolutionary designs.

New to the Rudy Project’s Rx product line are the Rydon Sport Readers, which are pre-assembled sunglasses with prescription lenses that have been seamlessly integrated into the bottom of the lenses which aids the wearer greatly when reading or using devices such as mobile phones, it is available in three types of lens colours and with three different correction powers.  Another newly launched product is the Vulcan sport utility frame that is also fully customizable, its super light frame with ergonomic features makes it extremely comfortable to wear throughout the entire day, especially when there are three sizes of removable optical quality which are included for the perfect fit for each wearer.  For the ultimate custom and unique look when the full rim interchangeable Grilamid clips are matched together with different coloured temple tips and emblems.


Impact Rx Direct is the most advanced sports prescription lens program in the world, where each lens is created individually with advanced freeform technology to guarantee a 180 degree distortion free field of vision, and for even higher correction wearers, Impact Rx Direct is also available with higher index, impact, polar 3fx hdr lens material.  These lenses are not only incredibly impact resistant for maximum eye protection but is also offered with almost all of Rudy Project’s performance sunglass models, and for models that feature Optical Dock, this allows opticians to utilize a full rim clip for prescription lenses where lateral protection and stability in case of any impact is required, and although the field of vision is more restricted, this allows for an incredible range of corrections. For opticians without complex lens cutting machinery, Rudy Project’s Direct Clips is the perfect solution to easily edge corrective lenses in their own labs, Direct Clips also maintain a wide field of vision while providing an expanded prescription parameter range.  For sunglass wearers who only require slight vision correction, RX Optical Inserts is the answer for mounting prescription lenses into almost every Rudy Project performance sunglass, and with the patented “easy-in, easy-out” system, the clips can be easily inserted or removed when required.  Flip Up sunglass models like the Impulse, Exception and Maya allows the wearer to quickly flip the sunglass up when not required to reveal prescription lenses.

For people who need prescription glasses, Rudy Project has an ophthalmic model designed especially for the hardcore sports enthusiast, the Intuition is an exceptionally lightweight frame that is made with Grilamid which is highly resistant to impacts, perfect for everyday use.  Featuring a streamlined design with racing adorned temples and fully adjustable hypoallergenic temple tips to ensure that the frame is always held securely at the sides of the wearer’s head when worn, and with two sizes of rubber nose pads for a perfect fit, the Intuition frame is extremely comfortable.  This frame is offered with three different shapes and a multitude of colours and finishes, anyone considering this racy prescription frame will definitely be spoilt for choice.


To purchase these eye wears, simply swing by Rudy Project’s outlet @

Rudy Project @ Sixth Avenue
4 Sixth Avenue
Singapore 276471 
Tel: +65 6469 8550

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri : 11AM to 7PM
Sat & Sun : 10AM to 6PM


Rudy Project HQ @ Kaki Bukit Crescent
30 Kaki Bukit Crescent 

Kaki Bukit Techpark 1
Singapore 416261
Tel: +65 6469 8550

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri : 10AM to 6PM


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