The Steve & Leif Bike Repair Stand

The Steve and Leif Bike Repair Stand can hold up to 30kg.


Steve & Leif® Bicycle Repair Stand is your all-round helper and tool in basic bike repair and maintenance. Weighing at a mere 7.5kg, it can load up to 30kg – suitable for almost any type of bicycle.


The blue clamps are made with a rubbery material for a firm and kind grip on your bike frame.

The blue clamps contrast well with the black stand and are infused with a rubbery surface to protect your bike’s paint as you clamp it on. Flexibility is its name: it can fit almost any bike in the market from 25mm to 45mm/ 1″ to 1.8″. Another awesome feature is the clamps’ ability to rotate 360°, thus bringing your bike to the desired angle you wish for ease of repair.


A multi-functional tray assists you in holding your tools – it is also adjustable.

Made of aluminum alloy, the stand can be extendable up to 75″ (190cm) in height and retracted by turning a blue knob at the neck. Loosen the bottom knob to fold in the stand and keep it with the ease of a camera‘s tripod stand. Open up the legs and tighten the knob again to use it. Its wide 1.47m base is equipped with anti-slip feet to keep the stand stable as you wrench the most stubborn bolt off your bike with utmost force. A multi-functional tool tray is your big assist in holding your tools as you work on the bull.


The clamps are made of a rubbery material and can be rotated 360.

Steve & Leif® Bicycle Repair Stand combines both functionality and portability with deft elegance, saving you your hard-earned buck on repair costs.

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Steve & Leif® Bicycle Repair Stand retails @ $89.90 at:

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