Hardly any stems exist in the market currently that utilizes a design similar to the Atom.

Coupled with its stealthy matt black good looks, you would be excused for thinking that the component came straight from some top secret military project.

The face plate uses a tried and tested 4 bolt (they are titanium, by the way) clamping system, that evenly distributes the clamping force over a bigger area of the handlebar.

Such a clamping method provides less stress to one?s handlebar over a given area. Some of you may lament the fact that you now have extra allen bolts to remove, but this is a worthwhile price to pay to prolong the lifespan of your stem and handlebar.

The stem also professes to possess a unique clamping system that is more suitable for weight weenies using carbon steerer forks. Its zero pinching design is intended to spread the stress load and eliminate undue forces on fork steerers.

The stem?s gorgeous good looks come from several fronts. The first thing that you would notice is the stealthy matt black finishing.

Given the dearth of bicycle components on the market with this kind of sleek look, you would be excused for thinking that the stem came straight from some top secret military project.

Next comes the face plate with the USE name chiseled into the front, ensuring that everyone that faced it head-on would be bowled over by the unique way in which the stems makes its presence felt. To emphasise this, the USE name is laser-etched discretely onto the left side and top in silver.

And last but not least, USE made sure that the handsome good looks extended to the top of the stem, such that you will not have to use a top cap from your headset that fails to match up with the beautiful fa?ade of this work of art.

The folks at USE have truly put some serious thought into this product by licensing this patented system so that the stem catches your attention completely, rather than to allow the headset cap to distract you. This may well give cause for you to take your eyes off the trail and look down to admire the stem once in a while!

Its good looks are functional as well, since the Atom is carefully CNC?ed with no weld joints to expose areas where failure may occur.

Once installed on your bike, please take extra precaution when inverting your bike to rest on the saddle and stem like how some bikers would like to park their bikes. Ensure that the ground surface that the stem is resting on ground that would not scratch the stem, or that flawless beauty of yours could very well be scarred for life.

On the trail, the stem clamps steadfastly without budging, whether you are climbing or diving downhill. With the correct length and rise, your front end control is flawless, and steering the bike even in tight single track becomes a breeze.

The stem comes in lengths of 70mm to 140mm, with the option of -6 degree, 6 degree or 12 degree rise. Weighing in at 125g, this sexy piece of art is as light as you can possibly get without compromising on strength and durability.