Troy Lee Design (TLD) has been around for over 20 years and is no stranger to most of us. Their reputation spans across most, if not all motor racing sports. Through the years, their services have grown from just customised helmet painting to become a major provider of quality racers’ wear. The XC glove in this review is one such product that is designed especially for the cross-country racers out there.


Most full-fingered gloves available in the market are either design for Downhill or for Motocross. They are good for their intended purpose and offer good protection during a fall. The downside is, they are “overbuilt” for cross-country purposes and is often too warm to be used in our local climate.

The TLD XC glove is different. It is a very simple glove that is purposefully built for cross-country riding. Unlike its other counterparts, the XC glove stays away from having lots of leathers and Neoprene at the back of the palm but uses Two Way Spandex instead. The result is a well-ventilated glove that is much cooler to use.

At the palm area, Clarino synthetic leather is deployed to ensure durability and to offer protection. A second layer of leather is even added to reinforce high wear and tear areas. Main contact points on the palm area are lightly cushioned, thus a good choice of grip is essential to prevent numbness for long period on the bike. One interesting thing about the glove is the rubber print grip found on the index and middle finger. Due to their tacky nature, it helps to provide better grip on the brake lever during braking. Not enormous differences, but good enough for us to appreciate its presence.

The back of the glove is mainly made up of Two Way Spandex, with a small portion of stretch air mesh. These two low-density materials allow air to flow through easily, thus enhancing the ventilation of the glove. There is a small area near the thumb that is made of Terry cloth. This absorbent material is useful for riders who need to wipe off the sweat on their face.

Another distinctive characteristic of this glove is the thin material used in the construction, which allows the user to have a better feel through the glove. On other full-fingered gloves, fastening of certain helmet bucket could prove to be a challenge due to the lack of “feel”. With the TLD XC glove, accomplishing the task is a breeze. The feel is so good that, fastening a D-shaped bucket is easy with the glove on.


For a long time, cross-country riders were torn between the protection of full-fingered gloves and the comfort of half-fingered gloves. With their XC gloves, TLD has delivered a good solution to the decade old problem. The XC gloves offered a well balance level of protection, comfort and ventilation all in one small package.

This could easily be one of the best full-fingered cross-country gloves that we ever laid our hands on. Not only that, it also receive very good credential from users over the world. Oh, and did we forget to mention that they come in a wide variety of colours too.

30% Synthetic leather
27% Spandex two ways
8% Neoprene
10% Terry
6% Stretch air mesh
12% Lycra
7% TPR