It is said that there are seven other people in the entire world who look exactly like you, yes this is a true fact and not some made up folklore, and moreover with the advent of the internet, large numbers of people have registered online with these sort of ‘twin searching’ websites just to check if this doppelganger theory is actually true, and IT IS! I did a quick search of the internet and found tonnes of pictures of so called look alike twins who were really total strangers, and most of these people live very far apart from each other, even at times completely across the entire planet!
But probably only the facial features would have very similar and uncanny resemblences as body shapes and sizes would most likely be quite different from each other.This brings up to the point that many of us have very different physical body makeups, with different sized muscles and different sizes of bones, and definitely with different preferences and habits as well.
Therefore bicycle saddle manufacturers have to truly engage into some serious scientific R&D to create many different types, lengths, styles, colours, shapes and fits to cater to all the cyclists around the world, definitely not an easy task, but chances are that if a saddle manufacturer has enough variety and range for a cyclist to choose from, then he or she might be able to satisfactorily find a suitable saddle.
Having been in the bicycle saddle market for over 120 years now, Italian brand Selle Italia has been coming up with innovative saddles since they were founded in 1897, and with the constant evolution in new construction techniques and new materials, Selle Italia is probably the number one source and choice for high end bicycle saddles worldwide.

SP-01 Superflow

One of their newest and most innovative saddle is the SP-01 Superflow saddle, the first time I saw this saddle, I was very intrigued by the gap at the rear end of the saddle as some of the other saddles that I have seen before have gaps or breaks at the nose of the saddle instead.

Further investigation revealed that this new futuristic saddle design has an adaptive rear frame which follows the special “suspension link movement” which effectively supports the movement of your pelvis while pedaling, without compromising on your body’s stability. The SP-01 Superflow saddle is a revolutionary concept of style by skillfully combining comfort, aesthetics and resistance all into a single saddle.

Novus Boost Superflow

The Novus Boost Superflow is a compact saddle with an innovative beveled tip which makes for a wholly adaptable sitting position, wrapped entirely with a special Fibra-Tek microfiber material which is not only lightweight but is also very strong and durable. Inside the saddle is double-density padding with variable densities which ensures a comfortable sit even when riding long distances, while the Superflow technology drastically reduces pressure in the perineal area, which in turn allows for an optimal and very comfortable riding position to enable the cyclist to cover long distances at a stretch.

SLR Flow


The legendary SLR saddle from Selle Italia has recently gotten an update, this original design has been a benchmark for dependable use for both on and off road cycling, but this latest edition incorporates the latest Flow technology for superior riding comfort as the special Flow anatomic cut out allows for comfort by offering flexibility at the nose of the saddle and increased padding makes going the extra distance more comfortable while providing the rider with protection against skin inflammation.