From their humble beginnings in 1997 working from a small garage in Laguna Beach, Crank Brothers has grown from a small local business, into an internationally well known manufacturer of bicycle components and accessories.  They are most well known for their off road egg-beater styled pedals which have been tested and proven successfully in world class competitions and events.

Other than pedals, Crank Brothers is also famous for their tough and beautifully designed wheels, dropper posts, tools and other bicycle accessories – they also have quite a large range of excellent floor pumps.

Their entry level floor pump is the Gem, it is an all metal pump that can easily pump your tyres up to 160psi or 11 bars,  the pump’s body is made of aluminuim which is corrosion resistant and will provide you with many years of service, the base is stamped out from steel and its wide triangular shape provides a very sturdy platform as well.
There is also a foot activated switch which enables you to easily switch between high pressure pumping to get up to the maximum pressure of 160 psi, or high volume pumping, which increases the amount of air pumped out with every single stroke.

The dual pump head caters to both Presta and Schrader valves so you can pump both road tyres and normal bicycle tyres easily.  The large and easy to read pressure gauge has both psi and bar indicators to suit everyone’s needs and there is a hidden needle adapter which is usually used for inflating balls as well as a plastic valve adapter.  The Gem floor pump is also available in three colours, black, red and green.

The Klic floor pump is their next available model and it is also available with an optional burst tank to quickly pump up and seat tubeless tyres, this award winning pump won this year’s Design & Innovation Award because of its highest performance among the other floor pumps in the market.

This pump is very suitable for use while travelling as the hose and gauge can be removed and safely stored within the pump body itself, and the hose is held within the handle with strong magnets so that it can’t fall out while the pump is being transported.

The large and accurate gauge which has easy to read markings is easily connected to the pump body via a quick connect adapter, once mounted to the body, the pump can then be used to inflate tyres.

This all metal floor pump has a tripod steel base with non skid rubber pads to provide a very sturdy base for pumping and similarly with the Gem, the maximum pressure is 160psi and it also has a universal head to fit both Presta and Schrader valves.

So if you are currently in need of a floor pump, the Crank Brothers Klic is worth checking out, especially for road tyres, attaining your desired high pressures can easily be achieved and the robustness and quality of this pump will definitely provide you with excellent service for many years ahead.

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