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Muddy Mary 2.5

Schwalbe’s new Intermediate Downhill tire for all seasons. It grips well in both mud and on hard trails.

The Muddy Mary is part of this evolution in creating tires that are for a specific end use, yet versatile enough to allow the user to see benefits in many conditions.

Schwalbe developed this Downhill tire in cooperation with the questions: What is required from a Downhill tire? How can it master the challenges of high speed on hard trails and good grip on deep mud? Because a Downhiller usually encounters several extremes of terrain during each outing.

The idea of Muddy Mary originated from Motocross where Intermediate tires are the current trend. Intermediate tires grip well in deep mud and roll fast on hard ground

Ten time German Downhill champion Marcus Klausmann gives his opinion:  “The problem has always been that either the high lugs that clawed well into soft terrain broke off on hard or rocky areas, or else tires rolled perfectly in dry conditions but had insufficient tread depth to grip sufficiently in mud.”

Muddy Mary was specially designed as an intermediate Downhill tire and Schwalbe has created and combined a number of new features, in order to perfect the required intermediate characteristics.

Lug layout: The lugs face forward, against the drive direction and so offer
more cornering grip and control. Wide lug spacing provides great
traction and good self-cleaning action.

SnakeSkin: Flexible SnakeSkin strengthens the sidewall without increasing

Dual Compound: The sticky and grippy “Gooey Gluey” compound lies on top
of the easy rolling Qualifier Compound.

Double carcass (“Dual Casing”): Offers increased protection.

Apex Technology: Used in car tires, it is a special rubber bead reinforcement
that primarily adds side stability, but as a bi-product
protects against Snake Bites.

The Muddy Marys were known for it’s grippiness and mud shedding characteristics. It really became apparent to me while I was riding Ketam in Ubin.

About a quarter into the trail where you go through a series of down ward slalom through the trees, where it ends off with an almost 90 degree right turn. There’s an obvious enough root end of a tree stretching diagonally across the trail like the vein in your temple that swells up when you see something like this and wondering what the end result might be.

To make matters worse (not in my case anymore!) that section is usually slippery with mud, enough to cause your tires to skid along the root, forcing you to manage yourself by slowing down.

With the Mary, i gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised when she held traction and i continued moving without making haste.

At the end of the day, my buddies were scrubbing mud from their rubbers and i stood there smiling sheepishly wondering if there’d be a 2.6″.”

If you are looking for an all-round tire that performs in all types of terrain, look no further. The Muddy Mary performs excellent in dry – slick – rocky conditions. I would highly recommend this tire to anyone who takes their choice of rubber seriously.Weight watchers may want to re-consider due to the whopping close to 1000g downside.

Time to start crankin’ those legs!