Introduction & Features


When it comes to style and aesthetics, the Italians are amongst the best in the world, setting the latest high fashion trends as well as producing sleek and sexy super cars. Bicycles are no exception. Any discerning bike enthusiast would know about classic Italian bike brands like Colnago, Pinarello and Wilier. The new kid on the block, the Rizoma 77/011 Metropolitan Bike offers the best of both worlds: unparalleled style and cutting edge technology. It is the ultimate in style and function for the urban bike rider or commuting rider.

Top: The minimalist crankset. Bottom left to right: The Gates rear cog and carbon/alu saddle
Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Rizoma 77/011 is the lack of a seat tube. The result is the appearance of a sleek and ‘flowy’ frame: the down- tube sweeps seamlessly into the chain-stays and curves up the seat-stays. In line with the maintenance free concept for urban bikes, the Rizoma 77/011 uses a Gates single-speed belt-driven transmission, which eliminates the use of any grease and chain replacement. The polished crank set spider just comes with 2 arms connected to the 55 teeth chain ring. The saddle is an interesting sculpture of carbon and aluminium; the stem and handlebar are integrated as a single piece of billet aluminium. As far as integration of frame and components go on a bicycle, the Rizoma 77/011 is the epitome.

The Verdict

An immediate feeling one gets after taking a spin on this bike is just how stiff it feels-this is likely attributed by the chunky carbon tubes and virtually seamless transition of shapes on the frame. Power-transfer on the minimalist crankset is surprisingly good and the Gates system matches the sleek and futuristic feel of the bike. Apart from the slight lack of responsiveness in the steering reaction of the bike and lack of adjustability for the saddle height, everything else feels great on the Rizoma 77/011. The carbon-aluminium saddle looks deceiving-it may not look comfortable but it actually feels very ergonomic.

Overall, the Rizoma 77/011 Metropolitan Bike looks sleek and futuristic and is intended for those who really want something which stands out from the crowd (and has the pockets to do so as well). In a sense, given its unique, no seat-tube design with little adjustability for seat height, the bike chooses its rider-one must be within the range of 1.65m to 1.95m (sorry for those who are smaller-sized).

The Rizoma 77/011 is available in 2 versions: shiny carbon and matt white.  If you want to check out the bike in the flesh or find out more other urban bike models, you can head down to:
The Urban Bike
18 Boon Lay Way #08-117
Tradehub 21
Singapore 609966