In the first review we did for the Rollei Bullet HD, the overall built quality and video features were great but the main drawback was the lack of a viewfinder due to its ultra-portable and no frills design. This time, however, we got our hands on the Bullet HD’s “bigger brother” in the same line of Bullet video camcorder series: the Rollei Bullet 4S 1080P which comes with a detachable TFT display screen.

First Glance & Features

First Glance

When we first unpacked the box and took out the rectangular-shaped video camcorder, the white colored device comes encased in a clear watertight case which enables the user to take videos or still shots up to a claimed water depth of 60 metres. The camera itself feels very sturdy and lightweight at about less than a 100grams(including the battery).  The images on the detachable TFT display screen looks crisp when the camera is switched on. As with its “younger brother”, the Bullet HD, the standard Bullet 4S package includes a 4GB micro SD card and comes with a good array of accessories and mounting systems. In addition, the standard package comes with a remote control unit which enables you to take videos/photos on the fly.

A glance at the contents of the Rollei Bullet 4S, out of the box. Photo courtesy of Rollei


Again, operating the Bullet 4S is very straightforward and intuitive. Recording video happens with just a push of a small button with a red dot on the left and still images are captured by pressing a button on the right, very much like how a normal still camera functions. An interesting but very useful feature is the “laser synchronous video recording” function, which basically means a red laser light that is emitted during video recording so it is easier for the user to know whether the camera is pointed in the desired direction.

Playback of videos/images on the camera itself is simple to operate as well via pressing the “return” button and choosing the corresponding mode in which they wish to view. Viewing videos and photos on the computer is just an easy plug and play affair through the included USB cable and turning the device on. The computer will automatically detect the camera and card as a drive.

In terms of video quality, the Bullet 4S delivers as promised, images were sharp and crisp with good sound quality as well. What was even more surprising was the still photos mode which was capable of creating the “fish-eye” effect, resulting in not only sharp but also “artistic” sort of feel.

Above is a short video we captured using the Bullet 4S during the review, check out the quality!


Quality of picture captured by the Bullet 4S in still camera mode, pretty decent


Rollei Bullet 4S with the bicycle mount attachment kit (sold separately) on the stem

Being the top of the line model for their range of Bullet series video cameras, the Bullet 4S is designed to compete with a rather particular ‘popular’ brand of multi-sport portable camera in the market. The inclusion of a detachable TFT display as well as a watertight casing in the standard package of the Bullet 4S makes it very attractive and a very viable alternative to other brands out there. For general road riding, the mounting kit in the standard package should suffice but for those who are more “adventurous” during their bike rides, they may wish to consider getting the dedicated Rollei Bike Kit (sold separately) with 3 types of mounts (for 3 ranges of widths) specially designed for mounting on areas on the bike, such as the stem (like the one we used in this review), seat post or even suspension fork.

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