Introduction & First Glance

Muc-Off is an English brand specializing in cleaning and lubricating products for bicycles and motorcycles. Recently, they launched their new variant of lube called the C3 Ceramic Lube which is a more potent formulation designed to perform better than its Wet Lube in wet weather.

C3 uses a proprietary formulation containing integral Boron Nitride Compounds, Fluoropolymers and Nano Ceramic provides the ultimate in low friction. Moreover, unlike other ceramic lubes, Muc-Off does not require users for a second application after 2 days of riding to complete the ceramic coating process.

Packed in a 120ml bottle, Muc-Off C3 can also be used for cables, shifters, derailleurs, pedals, and cleats. It is the complete package in terms of bicycle lubrication. The elongated spout mounted on the bottle also demonstrates Muc-Off’s attention to detail as it makes application much easier compared to the standard bottle spouts used by other brands.

The Test

To test this product, we applied the Muc-Off C3 lube on a freshly cleaned chain. Note in the photo that the pins are squeaky clean and there are no foreign particles on it. We let the lube stay for one entire day before wiping off excess lube and then going for a ride. The entire test consisted of 3 road rides in dry/damp conditions. Unfortunately, there was no rain during the testing period, but we did get to ride through some very dusty and sandy conditions through Kranji and the construction zones around Woodlands.

After three rides totaling 6 hours, we took a closer look at the chain to see how Muc-Off has held on so far. The chain did have some gunk build-up on the outer plates,  but had zero dirt and dust accumulation on the pins. Comparing the chain pins before and after the rides, there was no difference whatsoever.

Muc-Off delivering as promised as there was no dirt build up on pins
Overall, Muc-Off performed as promised, and did well by keeping the dirt out of the most important part of the chain. However, we do feel that there was quite a bit of excess lube on the chain requiring users to wipe of excess lube after the first and second rides, one wipe-off round is just not enough.

Given the way it is performing in dry weather, one application is most likely to last a recreational cyclist around a month. Provided that he wipes off excess lube as even 5 days after initial application as I am getting lube droppings on my home floor while the bike is in storage.  Moreover, Muc-Off is an efficient lube as it does NOT require a second application to complete the ceramic coating process.

With Singapore’s unpredictable weather, a roadie can never know if he will end up riding in a downpour. Hence it is best to always be using some form of wet weather lube. We do hope to get to test this product in the rain soon, and update this review with our findings.

The Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Lube is available at:

Hodaka Motoworld

Overall, Muc-Off performed as promised, and did well by keeping the dirt out of the most important part of the chain