I’m not sure about you but one of the most expensive pair of shoes I have now, is, ironically, my cycling shoes. A good pair of road cycling shoes can easily cost 200 dollars, and of course the premium increases to the region of about 300 to 400 dollars or more if you want a pair with carbon fiber soles.

The sad thing is that despite coughing out quite a bit of money for your new pair of cycling shoes, the supplied insoles are usually quite a flimsy affair and do not support the users’ feet very well. Somewhat similar to running, cycling with well-supported feet does wonders to comfort and performance. This is what I experienced with the G8 ARCHTECH 2600 Pro insoles designed specifically for tight-fitting cycling shoes.

G8 Performance Insoles hail from Down Under in Australia and founder David Lee started this line of insoles aimed at increasing performance and reducing injuries.

Timothy Lim, OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team rider, advanced SICI and RETUL certified bike fitter, and owner of Loue Bicycles which distributes G8 Performance Insoles in Southeast Asia, kindly passed me a pair of G8 ARCHTECH 2600 Pro insoles for this review.


The great thing about the G8 Performance Insoles is that it can virtually fit any existing cycling shoe (phew) you are using-just carefully cut the insoles to match the shape of your existing insole. The next step will take slightly more time: that is to figure out the arch height and positioning on the G8 Performance Insoles that will support both your feet well.

How this is achieved is through modular arch ‘cookies’ of different heights (see below) that snap fits to the bottom of the insoles.

Check out the short instructional video on how to fit the G8 Performance Insoles correctly:

Fit and feel

The immediate feel I got with the G8 Performance Insoles was that my feet felt more ‘filled’ in the space of my cycling shoes and my arch was properly supported. Prior to this, using the stock insoles made feel as if my feet were ‘swimming’ in my shoes. With the G8 insoles, my arch (I have high arch) felt much supported instead of collapsing with the stock insoles.

The real test then would be how it felt when cycling with the insoles (after all, it was designed specifically for cycling). Although the protrusion at the arch area felt a little uncomfortable at first, I got used to it very soon. What felt really good was just the support both my feet were getting and that also meant a more efficient stroke when pedalling.

Since the shoe (and feet) is one of the trinity of contact points (shoes, saddle and handlebar) with the bicycle, being comfortable and having much better supported feet while riding definitely adds to better performance and longer hours in the saddle.
The G8 Performance Insoles are highly recommended for cyclists who feel that their feet are not very well-supported by their existing and/or stock cycling shoe insoles (especially for someone like me who has high arch). In a certain sense, it is an ‘upgrade’ in performance and comfort without spending a bomb and still keeping your existing pair of cycling shoes.
G8 Performance Insoles are available via LOUE BICYCLES.
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