Having a light film of lubricant on your bike’s gears and chain is a good thing, firstly it protects the metal parts from rusting and oxidization as it acts as a barrier between the surface it’s protecting and the air, more importantly, it reduces the amount of friction that is caused by having two surfaces or materials rub against each other, thereby generating unnecessary and unwanted heat, noise and wear on both surfaces.  But a downside to having this thin layer of lubricant is that dirt tends to stick onto the surface after a while and then you’ll soon find a layer of grime and gunk forming on the surface and then it starts to become more of a problem than a solution.

The only remedy would then be to give those dirty parts a thorough washing to remove all the accumulated dirt and grime.  F100’s Chain Cleaner makes easy work out of what would otherwise be a difficult and dirty job, all that needs to be done is to spray a generous amount of the chain cleaner onto any greasy, oily and dirty surface and let it sit for a minute or two, while the chemicals contained in the cleaner get to work and start to break down and loosen all the dirt and gunk.  As part of a real world test, I removed my blackened and neglected cassette from my wheel, placed it on the floor and sprayed half of the cassette with the cleaner, after a while, I could already see some dirt dripping off the gears and teeth, without touching the cassette, I sprayed a bit of soapy water onto the cassette and then sprayed it off with some water, the difference was already obvious with the treated half of the cassette looking less black and more grey in colour.

The second treatment of Chain Cleaner followed by some light scrubbing with a brush ensured that all dirt and grime was completely removed from the cassette, the liquid F100 Bike Cleaner was very helpful in removing the left over oils still present on the surfaces.  What was left after the quick and through cleaning was a shiny brand new looking cassette which probably hadn’t seen daylight in ages!

I did the same for the entire chain also which was equally black and clogged with all sorts of dirt and grime, I sprayed a generous amount of the Chain Cleaner onto the entire chain, left it standing for a while, and then used a chain cleaning device that was filled with the F100 bike cleaner and the result was awesome, it seemed that almost all of the old oils and dirt was removed form the chain and had accumulated inside the chain cleaning device which was now filled with a yucky concoction of aged oil and road dirt, leaving behind a now shiny and clean chain.


After all the gears and chain had dried out thoroughly, I sprayed a light layer of the F100 Chain Oil and shifted my gears up and down the cassette, shifting was now smoother and less noisy.

The F100 Bike Protection Oil was good for protecting the rest of your bike’s surfaces, even on the paintwork, having a very thin layer of this protectant will ensure that dirt is less likely to stick onto your bike and therefore making it easier to clean in the future.

I sprayed a layer of the F100 Waterproofing Agent on my cycling shoes and after it had dried, I lightly sprayed a bit of water onto it and the water droplets seemed to just bead and run off, the fabric portions of my shoe performed the same and the water wasn’t able to penetrate and soak into the fabric.

This set of F100 bicycle care products is all you might need in your arsenal to keep you bike looking clean and shiny as well as running like new for a long time.

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