First Glance

You may or may not have heard of C Originals before, but if you’re reading this (which you are), then you’re hearing about it now. Here’s a little introduction to the little-known helmet brand. C Originals is one of the brands under Chinese parent company COOO Sports, which also houses Agogo, who manufactures bicycle components, as well as Limar, the more well-known counterpart.

At first glance, the look and feel of C Originals’ range is pretty impressive. I picked out the mid-range SV 666 to try out.

In the palm, the weight of the lid is pretty convincing, and a further consultation with the scale confirms its weight to be 300 grams. Pretty reasonable. The make and finish is smooth and refined. The appearance easily passes the comparison with that of more famous European options.

Internally, the paddings are sufficient at the important places, and are well made. Other than the slightly cumbersome initial set-up of the straps going through the fastening knob, the straps and ratcheted fastening system are straight-forward to use. Each helmet also comes with a removable strip of padding on the chin strap for added comfort, which is a nice touch. All paddings are also replaceable.

For The Asian Curves

It is evident that the fit of the SV666 is dissimilar to that of many European brands. From my understanding, C Originals helmets are generally catered for the Asian market of slightly rounder heads, and an appreciated effort this is. It is not uncommon for riders to have to deal with a slight pressure on the sides on their heads caused by more elongated styled helmets. But unlike many other helmets, this one has a slightly wider circumference, which makes sizing more accurate for the average Asian.

Coverage is ample. In fact slightly more than sufficient, if you ask me. When snugly strapped on, the edges of the lid drops all the way till almost touching the ears, which might not be something a serious cyclist might want to get used to. The SV 666 seems to have much potential in terms of improvements, in particular ventilation. However if you feel that more coverage translates directly to more safety, then this helmet is made for you.

Overall, the C Originals SV 666 is a really good all-rounder. Reasonably priced, well made, stylish and lightweight. Great for the weekend-warrior, yet definitely race-worthy. Not many skid-lids bridge the two.

C Originals is available at Pharmatic Trading.

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